Dental Day



Photo above taken a few years ago of Miss Diva and a frisbee. So I dropped her off this morning and had to sign some paper work. Besides the dental she is also being microchipped at the same time. That way if I was to ever lose her heven forbid she can be found easily and scanned.

So at first I was told maybe 6 small teeth have to be removed when we went in last week. But I got a call this morning after they did x-rays and she has to have 11 teeth removed but there all small ones. Lucky for me the cost will be on the lower end of the estimate they gave me so I’m happy about that.

Besides her mouth shes in perfect health for that I am greatful for. The life span on small dogs is much longer then that of bigger dogs. And shes just turning 8 this August. And yet she still looks like a puppy lol sorta haha.

Will post again once she is home.

Over & Out


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