Phisoderm® pH Balancer- Clinical



I picked this up at my local Walmart it costs about $7.96. A girlfriend of mine said she uses it and it works for her. She had posted a few selfie’s on FB and I commented on her flawless skin and she told me this is all she uses. She had been using Pro-active but since they changed their formula it started to break her out so she did some googling and found this stuff.

Before using my medicated stuff Stieva-A I was using Clean & Clear but did not find that it worked. Then I started the medicated stuff but I still don’t find that it works for my skin and I have been using it for quite a number of months now.

So now I am going to be giving this stuff a shot. I used it tonight and what I like about it is it will remove my makeup but it says to leave on your face for about 1 minute then rinse and pat dry. The Spectro gel that I have been using is not specifically for ph balance.

I’m really hoping this stuff works for me. If anyone else has used this please leave me a comment below and let me know how it has worked for you.

I will update next Sunday and let you know how its going for me.

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5 thoughts on “Phisoderm® pH Balancer- Clinical

  1. Has this been working for you? I use Cedaphil at night with Epiduo (which really works for me but you need to go to a dermatologist to get it) and Neutragena’s Cleanser and Mask in the morning.

    1. Omg yes like right away almost all the blackheads on my nose are gone and I had roughness on the sides of my nose and it’s now smooth. I use Cedaphil cream but now when I use it it soaks into my skin unlike before when it would just sit on top, I’m blown away by it really👩

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