Super Sexy Figure Hugging Animal Print Dress

So while I was out with a girl friend of mine yesterday we stopped in at  Suzy Shier to see what they had. I tried on 3 things in two different sizes in Medium and Small. Because I knew large would be too large. I tried on a 3 quarter sleeve sweater. It was cute but I was not feeling it and it was not on sale. Then I tried on this one dress it was sorta sweater like material with stripes it was really cute but I was not loving it. Then I tried on this super sexy figure hugging dress that really showed off the hard work I have put into my body. And its animal print. I’m sure if I was much shorter it would have gone past my knees but this dress had my name all over it.

It was yelling my name to buy it. In my past post I had said it was on sale for $19.95 but the reg price was $40.00. I tried on the Medium and it was just not that flattering like it was but it did not define my waist like the Small did. So I thought about it and then I put the dress back and walked out of the store. I told my friend I don’t have to have it and then felt bad that I did not buy it because it really did look amazing on me.

Do you ever do that sometimes fall in love with something and then put it back. And then later on regret not buying it when you should have. It really did make my body look amazing and I really don’t have anything as sexy as this dress. Except the purple one I got in the winter but that’s more dressy. I don’t own anything really as sexy as this dress.

So as my friend and I are sitting down were talking about the stuff we tried on and I told her I think I’m going to go back to the store and buy the dress if it’s still there. She stayed where she was relaxing and drinking her coffee and I walked back to the store. Lucky for me it was still there and I bought it.

I think I will get lots of use out of it and easily dress it up or dress it down. Also I love the capped sleeve and the rounded neckline. And I plan on bringing it with me to Toronto when I go on vaca it will be a great going out on the town dress. Okay now for the photo see below.



Over & Out


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