So I went out Thursday night with my boyfriend to see a long time friend do stand up comedy. He was the best act of the night. Some other stand ups were funny but not as good as my friend. We ended up staying to watch the whole show but my friend left after his performance. Which I wish I knew because we would have left as well the only reason we went was so I could see him do his act. But it was a good time over all.

Jesse & I



My boyfriend and I got back to my house at around 11pm and then he left to catch his bus to go home. And then Friday at 11:30am I got together with my friend Julia and did not get home and till around 3:30pm to do some window shopping and what not. I also ended up buying this amazing figure hugging animal print dress on sale for $19.95 reg $40.00. I had to get it because I don’t have anything that sexy that shows off the hard work I have done in losing all my weight.

It’s super cute and can easily be dressed down or up depending on what shoes and accessories you pair it with. Anyways it’s also out of fabric where you could throw it into a bag for traveling and hang it up with no wrinkles. So Ya I’ll have to post about it at some point.

My friend wanted to do drinks Friday night but I asked if we could do a rain check because honestly I was tired and just wanted to stay home. As much fun as I have going out and doing things, I really like having my alone time and peace and quite. So I got caught up with my shows and went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 8:30am.

And it’s funny but I’m still a little tired 😴.

Today it being Saturday I’m gonna vacuum a little and then take it easy, maybe walk the dogs later this afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Over & Out

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