Plastic Surgery Updated Photos



Okay so I have not had any recent surgery but I did contact my plastic surgeons office and wondered if they wanted to update my after photos on their site since I have lost 70lbs. I think because I’m the only transsexual m2f on their website with photos they should be updated with recent photos. I know if I’m going to a website to look at the doctors work and considering that doctor for any form of plastic surgery or procedure I want to see updated photos.

My after photos are from 2011 it’s now 2015 and my girls will be turning 4 in June lol. Anyways I sent them a message on Facebook and they responded saying they would love for me to come in and to take new photos and gave me an appointment time next month May 14th. I’m excited to see my surgeon again and to have these new photos taken for his website. I’m still so impressed with the work he has done and they look I think even better now that I’ve lost some weight.

Its amazing what self-confidence a BA (Breast Augmentation) can give someone who is Trans and or Cis and wants a fuller look to their chest. If I did not have my BA when I lost all the weight I’d be flat as a board. That I know for sure. Also it will be nice to see my doctor again since its been a few years. I’m feeling wonderful and I’m glad they will take new photos for their site.

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Bathing Suit Wheather Is Coming

And I’m going to have to get a new one because the one I have and have held on to is now way to big for me. It’s super cute halter style black one piece with a skirted bottom but the cups are to big now I don’t fill them and it’s kind of baggy on me of course the size is a XL and from the size guide on this company’s website I would most likely fit a size medium now and have it fit like a glove. Below are two photos of me wearing it one from when I weighed more and one I just took so I could write this post.

image image

Now I don’t tend to go swimming much. But I think its important to own at least one super cute bathing suit. Now I may end up buying a new one that is very similar to this style but in polkadots or a two piece tankini top and skirted bottom.I love skirted bathing suits they sorta look like clothing that you could wear out of course you don’t but you get what I mean. It sucks because I love this bathing suit and I never got to enjoy it because well I got skinny. But if it was the right size than id be more in love with it. The good news is I’m holding on to it just in case I ever get fat again HAHA kidding just kidding not bloody likely.

Also I want to get a new bathing suit for my summer trip to Toronto. Id like to have a bathing suit for that incase my friends and I go to the beach or a pool. The joys of bathing suits. But in my case its smart to just own one. I gave one of my other bathing suits away because again it was a XL and no longer fitted me. That bathing suit did get some wear though so I’m happy about that.

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A Flash From The Past

I’ve held on to this one photo because well it’s a favourite of mine and I’m glad to say my hair is slowly getting back to where it once was I just have a little ways to go till it gets back to this length. This photo I’m showing was taken back in the early part of 2006 I know because I had used it in a dating ad online when I met my first long-term relationship ex. This just proves how slender I was.


As as you can clearly see I have high cheek bones all natural thanks lol. Very slender face, my arms are also small and so is the rest of me. Now add-on a handful of years a ton of unhealthy food choices and some depression and me in a bathing suit thinking I looked good. NOT lol


Then after getting off the sofa and straining my knee and basically being told to get off my lazy ass and get moving by my Dr no doubt back in 2013, I slowly started with yoga for beginners DVD then from there bought other at home workout DVDs. Walking the dogs by this time it was summer and then finally changing my workouts and now using a workout app in 2015, I have gone back to the old me but better improved healthy and fit.



Its amazing what life can throw at you, and how you can change and grow and either become the best you can be when life gets in the way. Or stay in the rut you put yourself in. Only you have control over where you go in life and your destiny.

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Having a Fabulous day


So what a great day today, I had to get some blood work done and since moving to the new area I was unsure of where there was a blood lab to go to. So I went to google and found one not even ten minutes away I had to fast for it which sucked but I brought a protein bar with me to eat after. I’m thankful the iPhone has the gps in it because I used that while I was on the bus and then as soon as I got off the bus it switched to walking gps. So helpful technology is when it’s smart for people who aren’t good with directions like my self. Though I did map it out before leaving the house.

Then from there I went to the drug store to pick up a few items and look into the prescription I had called in. And of course it was a tad messed up thankfully I have enough pills to last me (estrogen) so then I had to make an appointment to see my family doctor and get a new prescription so I can get my new coverage.

Then I decided to walk home which took maybe ten minutes or so. It’s such a gorgeous day out today. I also vacuumed because a friend is supposed to be stopping in this afternoon for a visit. Also yesterday I called maintenance to get a new stove the one in my kitchen the biggest burner does not work. And so the big pot that I have needs to go on a big burner right I mean I used it on a small burner but it took for ever to heat the food up. So that new one should be arriving this week sometime.

I’m having a fantastic day today and I feel good. Yesterday was good too since I had a friend drop by for coffee and I talked to my best friend in Toronto it was his birthday. I miss him and am glad to see him this summer.

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Weight Before & Fitness After

I have not taken any photos as of lately of all my hard work that I have done I just want to remind people of where I was in 2013 weighing in at my heaviest 238lbs. Now down to a healthy 160lbs give or take a few pounds. I also want to say that I drink a ton of water and am back to my slender self. I’ve always had skinny legs and arms but you would have never of known when I was 238lbs. Also if you click on the photos to enlarge them you will notice in my bottom photos muscle definition which I’ve never had before. It took a long time to gain the fat and its taken a long time to get my body in the best shape its ever been in. I love how my body looks now.

There is a reason why people like working out I now understand. I thought when I was 238lbs why would I want to workout that’s not much fun. Or id make up excuses on why I don’t want to workout. But you know with eating healthy and working out you see results and working out makes you feel good. It’s good for your health your body and your hair and your mind.

Also I’ve been walking Diva more too so on top of my new workout which is using that app that works my body in a different way but then I get the added bonus of walking as well. And she gets some exercise too. Anyways Im thrilled with my new body and I hope whatever your fitness goals are you reach. I also want to point out positive thinking. And just take it by 5lbs at a time its easier that way.










photo 4




image (2)

160lbs – 153lbs

image image

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The End Of One Chapter

A new one always begins. Since my ex and I splitting I have removed almost all traces of memories of him and I off my Facebook page, I’ve removed the photo of him and I out of my picture frame that I have in my living room. There stored away. And I have not worn my ring he gave me since getting it back. It was getting resized before we split. We have decided to take a break from each other for some real closure. Though I hope to be friends with him in the future we are remaining friends on Facebook. We’re just not texting or calling each other.

Typically when a couple breaks up more often than not the girl tends to cry away and eat junk food and gains a little weight but not this girl. I have not cried not this time around there really is no reason to cry because it’s just not the relationship for me. I’m not eating a bucket of tasty frozen yogurt either though I do have one in my freezer lol nor have I drank a bottle of wine to my self to make the pain of the breakup go away.

Though I wish it could have been what I wanted I see no point in staying with someone if you’re not whole heartedly madly in love with them. It’s not fair to them nor is it fair to your self. My ex is a great guy and will make someone else an amazing boyfriend/fiancé/ husband. I’m also finding out that this living alone is not all half bad after all. I’ve decorated it the way I wanted to, I’m so thankful I have no roommates. Even though the people below me make noises late at night other than that I’m still very much loving it. And I feel like I’ve lived on my own for a while that’s what it feels like not such a short time like how it is.

Also I walked Diva today and took a different path which was nice to do changing our walks up.


I’m still in love with my amazing view anytime I want to see what is happening I just get to look out my balcony window and watch the world pass by. Oh and the amazing sunsets I’m so lucky to experience every time there is one. And there always different from the next.

I’m feeling very blessed, I have great friends, family my health and my dog.

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Buttermilk Pancakes

So I bought some milk on the weekend to make this, I used a box mix and it called for 1cup milk and 1 large egg and I followed the box on mixing it. And I have to say I’m not a fan of buttermilk pancakes not at all.

I thought they were salty a little and the taste were bland even after putting syrup on them. Tho I’ll keep the powered mix and maybe try again at some point making them thinner, maybe it would help by putting in small things of Apple I don’t know tho was just not a major fan of them. Ah well you win some you lose some.

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Relationships / Online Dating

One of my blogging friends that I have met through blogging sorta gave me a light bulb idea to write this mornings blog. And also the text I got last night.

So my friend Vic here on WordPress had a quote that read “You’ll end up really disappointed if you think people will do for you as you do for them. Not everyone has the same heart as you.” I think this can go for any form of a relationship whether it be friends,lovers,partners people you just met or started dating.

So I had a second date with this cute guy on Saturday, it was fun we had a good time spoke about a 3rd date and then my  intuition kicked in and the the vibe I got from him was that he was just not interested. I decided to wait to see how long it would take to get a text from him. Typically if your really interested in someone you text them the next day it’s a sign your still into the person and you want to talk or just see what’s up. Any who I ended up shooting him a text at around 3:30pm he did not get back to me and till like 8pm.

I thought okay busy possibly, and then I decided to ask this, Ps I’m the green he’s the grey,


To be honest I’m glad to of asked the question and got the response I did. I had a feeling that the interest was no longer there because of the way the texts went from flirting with smiley faces to just responses that were very far apart. I wish texting was not such a huge thing as it is but whatever you get over it.

On the plus side of things even though this did not workout I’m not bothered by it to be totally honest with you sure I liked him but there will be others because after this chat ended. I had a great phone conversation with another guy so as that saying goes “Men Are Like Buses There Will Always Be Another One 15 Minutes Later”, basically there will always be someone else that’s how big the dating pool is. Just because this one did not work out does not mean it won’t with someone else.

That’s why I tell people who have dating dilemmas stop fretting stop worrying about it there will be someone out there for you. I know because I’ve been where you are in some way. I know for the trans community it’s a little more difficult because we have to share info about our past. When it comes to online dating I have done both I’ve not shared my details on my profile and told people I so chose. But I find it better to just put it out there and wait for my fishing rod to get a nibble. Then again on Okcupid if I find someone attractive I’ll like them which then they see and its up to them if they want to check me out and go from there.

But I’ve also sent guys a message who have viewed me more than once and started the conversation. You can’t expect every one to send you messages, sometimes you need to make the first move. I’ve been doing online dating for many many years the majority of my relationships have been with men I met online. And now online dating is not as uncommon as it once was.

I have met more people face to face from Okcupid, I would say Okcupid is just as good as when MSN had their chat rooms. When those were big back in the early 2000’s I used to meet a lot of people off those. The majority of my relationships I met all on-line. As my friend calls me the online dating guru because I know so much from trial and error. And I’ve got the stories to prove it lmao😋.

Any who I’m not worried about that guy. And online dating or chatting or whatever you wanna call it is rather fun in my  opinion . It can also get annoying at times too because most people don’t read profiles and so you sometimes are like a broken record having to repeat your self to people. Also having to go through profiles that are empty or people with one photo or no photo or its two years old and not recent at all which slays me because with technology these days everyone has a camera on their phone and it takes all of maybe 5 minutes to take some snaps and upload them but that’s just me of course 😈. Any who so ya online dating on Okcupid can be interesting sometimes. That is what makes it unique and fun and crazy.

Anyways happy dating people.

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Your too skinny – your too fat- your too skinny


You can never win apparently. Back in my teens and early 20s I was skinny like 150lbs or so give or take. I had people tell me to eat a cracker and every other thing about being to skinny. You should eat more and blah blah blah. Then in 2006 I had to have surgery on my lower tummy more so to remove scar tissue that had formed on my small intestines from a life saving surgery I had to have when I was a baby, It was pull through surgery from having a disease called Hirschsprung disease, from there on I was then able to gain weight and from that point on I went all the way up too 238. From being fat for my body I then was ugly in my mind’s eye and it took a number of years to get that fat by the way.

Then being that fat people made comments and now that I have lost all the weight and then some now I’m hearing the same comments I did when I was skinny the only difference now is that I’m healthy, I workout everyday, I eat three meals a day and sometimes a snack if I’m hungry. I feel amazing I have energy, and yet I’m hearing your to skinny, you look sick, your face is too thin. How about is to the people who are making comments, first is I have not been this thin in a very long time so it might be a shock to your system. Your not used to it. Also do your self and me a favour and worry about you and I’ll worry about me. Maybe your bitter or jealous because I’ve put the time and energy into losing all the weight I’ve lost. But stop making comments about how thin I am because it hurts my feelings and I’m rather sick of hearing about it.

I stepped on the scale at my parents to see what my weight was at there’s said I was 153.4lbs now the last time I weighed my self before I moved it said 160.00lbs and when I went to the doctors they put me in at 166.6 so if we sorta split the two I might be at 160lbs but to be honest moving is stressful as everyone knows and maybe I’ve lost a little bit of weight from the move. Also the ideal weight for a woman who is 6’2 is between 153 – 187. But as I told my brother tonight I go to the bathroom perfectly fine. I’m not sick. I don’t feel sick and from what my doctor said to me last time is that I’m perfectly healthy. Now sure I could make an appointment and have them weigh me but to be honest I’m not worried about my weight for once I’m loving how my body looks and I feel fabulous so my question is why can’t everyone else be happy for me.

Instead they have something to bitch about and should really be focusing their energy on doing something about their own body and leave mine alone. It’s like if the doctor says I’m sick fine worry but and till then leave your rude nasty uncalled comments to your self and worry about you and not worry about me. To be honest I think it’s because I have not been as slender as this in such a long time so people are not used to it.

Okay I’m done ranting, from now on the people who have the problem about my weight worry about your own unless there is something to worry about got it good thanks.

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My New Workout

As most of my readers know I have been using the Seven app on my iPad for the last three months or so. Well the other day I bought a new workout was not that much money but I can combine it with the other three once I have mastered the workouts with in this section. It’s the core workout and after my long walk with Diva I decided to do it again it’s my second day using those core workout but today it kicked my butt. But lol I enjoyed it very much.

Below are the workouts and of course each workout is 30 seconds with 10 second breaks the workout lasts about 7:50 long so 8mins I say lol. So my plan is to do these for about a month and then combine the workout and set it to random. Also with the walking of Diva of course. Get it here 7 Minute Workout “Seven” with High Intensity Interval Training Challenge by Perigee. Over & Out