The Before

So today I went to pick up my keys to my new place and pay my first months rent. Also to try out the corded phone I bought to see if it would work without having to get a land line. My wonderful boyfriend came with me today.

Before going to get the keys though and do all of that I went to the company I have my cell service with to set up internet apparently the building I’m moving to gets a deal like $18 bucks off or some such thing for cable. So I decided to get a package deal so now I will have cable yay and unlimited internet once again yay.

Okay so I paid the rent they gave me the keys and a key card or in this case a little chip thing for the door to the building so you don’t need a key to get into the lobby of the building.

Well the key card thingy they gave me does not work so that is a little bit of a piss off so now I have to go back tomorrow to get a new one other wise I can’t get into the building. Also my corded phone that I bought the buzzer does not ring to it so now I most likely have the get a land line which I do not want. But if I have to get one I’ll just suck it up.

Okay now for the photo’s and really why I’m posting this haha. So it does need some sweeping and cleaning. But everything has been painted and I almost don’t even need to paint. Which is nice less work to do haha.

Click to view bigger if need be.

Front hall / little bit of the linen closet and storage and part of the bathroom. image

Next is the linen closet / storage room and my own electrical box



My bathroom



My decent size bedroom, big window and off to the left is a closet. I did a pano view thingy on my iPhone and did it to fast that’s why there is black showing LOL bottom right oops.



So off to the far left is part of my kitchen, the middle sorta is part of my hallway not sure why this pic is darker than the others. And far right is the living / dining with a decent size window and balcony doors.



Better shot of the kitchen / hall way, As you can see I have a pantry on the far right wall near the stove



I love my cute kitchen, even though there are no cupboards I’m going to put up some shelving. My Fridge and stove are small but cute. And in the corner to the left I’m putting my little seating set. It’s going to look so cute when I’ve put my fabulous touch to it.



Me and my keys, I love how bright it is. That is the little blue thingy that is supposed to work stupid blue thingy lol.



Will do another post of the after when all is finished and settled. Hope you all enjoyed this post.

Over & Out



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