And The Fun Begins

So a friend of mine we made plans to go to the new outlet shops that opened up I think last year. But before going there she was sweet to come with me so I could get a new key card to get into my building. So we head to the office that deals with my area and I told them what was what and they gave me a new one and off I went. We then stopped over to my apartment so I could double-check to make sure it worked and thankfully for me it did. So Yahoo got to love technology. And it turns out I need a working phone line in order for the buzzer to work lucky for me I’m having one put in and it’s only going to cost like 20$ bucks so that’s fine. I’m only using it for the buzzer.

We then left my apartment and headed to the outlet mall. Let me tell you their sales were just okay. I did buy three things which I was surprised about buying but now glad I did. I bought a cute pair of overalls but instead of pants they are shorts. Super cute will be great for the summer months pair it with a cute t-shirt and runners or sandals and bam. It was the most expensive at $34 but it was not a deal because a friend of mine we went to the same store at a mall and it was the same price. The brand is Ardene its a pretty cheap store to begin with and the prices are very similar to Old Navy with some items.

I also picked up a t-shirt dress that’s Polo Ralph Lauren the retail value is $64.99 there was a promo price of ($30.00) which was then $34.99 there was also another 30% off of that down to $24.49 and with tax of just $3.18 I got it for $27.67. Though this t-shirt dress is super cute its bright pink with a white Color and the short sleeves is trimmed in white. It’s super preppy and cute.

We also went to Old Navy. I really did not think I was going to buy anything in that store even though it’s one of my fave stores I did however buy a sweater that was on clearance for just $8.99 it’s a cocoon funnel pink sweater, it’s I guess part of their active line so it has thumb holes. And it has a high low body so it is lower in the back then the front. I did have to get a large in it so it would fit better in the sleeves normally I buy them from online in the tall but they don’t carry tall in store.

We then went to Coach just for the hell of it and they don’t know what clearance prices are $8 bucks off is not a deal. Not only that but I’d rather spend the price like $400 bucks at a real Coach store and get the quality then the quality they sell at an outlet mall. True fact did you know that stores make different products just for outlet malls. So no it’s not last seasons styles you’re getting. It’s lower quality And true fact the quality is not always there at the outlet mall. So though you are getting a Coach bag lets just say it’s not going to be the same craftsmanship as if it was from the department store such as Nordstrom or a Coach store. So next time you go to an outlet mall think twice before buying just saying lol.

Also Canadians really don’t know how to do a good sale no wonder Target did not do so well. The prices at this outlet mall need to be like the USA. Other wise I doubt it will last. The whole reason Canadians go to the USA to shop is for the deals. I think these companies think we’re stupid so we’re going to buy it because it’s in Canada but if the prices are crappy we will just not shop and just keep going to the States.

Any who so I had a good time I do love the things I bought so that’s alright then. And then we came back to my house and relaxed and till she had to leave. Once she left my mother ended up coming home my folks and I had some dinner. We packed a few of my things up and headed to the apartment to do some measuring and some sweeping. My parents tested out the fridge turns out I need a new one because it does not blow any cold air out. And I kind of need one that does. I brought one of the many plastic bins over and put it into storage. My mother and I swept a little. The place needs some good cleaning done to it.

I’m going to hold off on painting the kitchen cupboards for now because they painted them. I just want to focus on moving things over and getting set up that way. Then once I’m In there then I’ll decide if I want to paint. Though I may change out the knobs since their kind of boring plain white.

I’ve called maintenance tonight and they are sending over a new fridge that works. Lucky for me I do not have to be there when they install it. So when I do get there on the 11th I’ll be all moved in and I’ll have a working fridge so when I buy food I knowing won’t go bad lol. They said a new one will be put in with in one to three days which of course I’ll make sure. They gave me a confirmation number and will call when it’s been done. I also booked the elevator on the 11th.

I’m a big girl now all grown up lol. I know once everything is in its place it will be one stylish place.

That’s all for now

Over & Out

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