Feeling Drained 😴

Did I say I hate moving cause if not I do. It’s so draining it really is but then I’ve also been go go go if it’s not related to the apartment it’s something fun like shopping but guess what I don’t love shopping as much as I used to. I like to get in get what I need and get out. Also it’s amazing about the small things you need for when you move into a new place like the small stuff like a plastic cutlery holder for your kitchen drawer. Or cleaning supplies at the dollar store so you can clean your place.

Tonight my folks and I went to pick up peel and stick tile for the kitchen cupboards. Why you ask because it’s easier to clean and your dishes won’t scratch if it’s been painted as mine have been. Also picked up a few light bulbs one for my bedroom lamp because it has three settings and two for the light on my stove. Then we headed to the Dollar store to pick up cleaning things and odd stuff lol like an under the bed shoe organizer because I really needed one and it’s a space saver.

Its amazing what you can find at a good old Dollar store. So glad I have one near my new place. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day, bringing a few more bins over, I have about 13 or 14 total but once the tile is down then I can empty out my kitchen bin and start to put away things like pots and pans and such. Some bins will stay at my apartment empty and are stackable which will live in my storage room and the others will come back to my parents place.

Thankfully tomorrow will not be all spent at the apartment just a couple of hours. Also this afternoon my bf and I went to the movies to see the second movie in the Diverget series Insurgent which was awesome very close to the book, it was a nice break not to think about moving.

Well that’s all I’m of to bed oh wait I’m in bed as I write this night all😴

Over & Out


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