Ikea, Home Sense Shopping = Tired

So we were at it again this morning. Off to Ikea first with the folks to get some steel shelving and some hook thing’s and a white 4 shelving unit. This is the one we bought Click Me



I like it because you can use it standing up or laying down. I also got two turquoise baskets to use so I can use the other cubby for books and things. We also picked up some steel shelving for the kitchen. See photo’s below.



We also got this one which I think is pretty nice.



We also picked up a few bars to go under the shelving as well some hooks. Also picked up these two things. click to view bigger.

image image


After Ikea we headed over to Home Sense quickly and while there I picked up a paper towel holder, A shower cattie and a bathroom slender cabinet its white with a marble top. It has a door with faux frosted glass. But it’s about 3 feet tall it’s really the perfect size for my bathroom. I have a brown one that is taller but I’m going to leave it at my parents so they can use it. We then headed over to Canadian Tire and picked up a few more things such as a Coffee maker which was on sale the one we got is this one Keurig 2.0 K300 Coffee Brewing System with Carafe. Which is pretty freaking sweet I do have to say. We also picked up a new shower head and a few other things.

Also Ikea was nuts and they only had 4 cashes open as well the self-serve and to be honest it was so busy they should have had more cashiers open but whatever. Thankfully we were done in a few hours. The last stop was The Brick furniture store to check out a futon but the one I saw in the flyer was not in store and to be honest Id rather get an apartment size sofa and let guests sleep on that because futons are not very comfy at all.

So I may check out another store or just move with my love seat and call it a day haha. Tomorrow I’m heading back to the apartment to help my dad put up the shelving and rearranged some things and wash the floors and do that for a few hours.

The joys of moving haha I know it will all be great when its done.

Over & Out for now.


6 thoughts on “Ikea, Home Sense Shopping = Tired

  1. Goodness, Lana, did you win the lottery? What a shopping spree you have been on. I can never get enough shelves and force my husband to make them for me. But that price is unbelievable and it looks really nice. Hope you will be sharing pictures of the final results some day.

    1. No lottery just really awesome parents. I will be posting after photos in the My New Place Category. Once I’m settled which will be next Sunday. There are before photos already posted there. 🙂

  2. I love my Grundtal shelves! In fact, my house is becoming a room out of the Ikea store! I must admit that I am addicted to their stuff–and the great prices!

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