Shop Till You Drop

I’m sick of shopping, in fact I kind of hate it because I have done so much if it. Sure I need everything that either I have been buying or my folks have been buying for me as I go with them but at this point it’s like if I have to hear about it then I’m kind of dreading it.

The funny thing is it’s all related to things I need for my new place. And a lot of it is small things with a few larger pieces. I’m extremely thankful and am very blessed to have such amazing parents. And extremely lucky to have them to help me out because I know not everyone has parents such as mine. So for that I am very grateful.

Today was another shopping day, we went to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up curtains and such, then off to Winners and then went to Walmart. And this afternoon we are headed to a furniture store so I can see about getting a new love seat sleeper or apartment size sofa, Then I’m done I hope.

That being said I’ll be so happy to be moved in and the only shopping will be for food and nothing else. But boy let me tell you I’m going to have one bitching amazing fabulous gorgeous place and I am so excited for all of you too see the after.

Over & Out


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