A New Hair Style or 2

Both styles are from Raquel Welch both are lace fronts with a side part and both are In the same colors which are SS8/29 hazelnut , Medium Brown With Ginger Red Highlights and Dark Brown Roots. The colour is such a great mix that I can blend in some of my hair on the sides to make it look natural. Which is pretty cool. I have Star Quality which I have been wanting to try for a while it’s heavily layered with a nice side bang. And then there is my new love lol which is funny because it’s not super long on me. But the style suits me and it’s the Camera Ready it’s just lovely. I had this color many years ago when I had bought the Scene Stealer by RW but it was one of those true2life fiber wigs which I don’t care for.

Any who now on to the photos.

First up Star Quality click to enlarge.

image image image


Camera Ready click to enlarge

image image image


I’m really loving Camera Ready like I would get her again and again. I bought these from a very good friend of mine at an excellent price. I’m also loving this color even more, it will be great for the warmer temps and when I don’t feel like doing my hair. And since I’m working on growing out my natural hair color these will come in handy for sure and there not to different that I can’t wear Star Quality on days I don’t feel like being to glam and wear Camera Ready if going out for dinner or something.

What do you all think of them please leave your comments below.

Over & Out


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