Feeling Great



So yesterday was a great day. I headed to the apartment to do some work such as washing my new dishes and putting them away, reorganizing my pantry, unboxed my microwave. Funny story about that so I take it out of the box and remove the plastic bag and noticed its like a light turquoise I thought omg this is awesome because of all the other colorful things I have this will be great and the front is steel how sharp.

I’m reading the manual about how to work it and such and then decide to call my parents and tell them about it. I share with them the color and my dad laughed and said that is very cool. Then we hang up and I go about doing the rest of my work.

Then my cell rings and my dad tells me ya you know the color your loving well it’s not really the color of the microwave its plastic and you have to remove it. My father told my mother about the color and she started to laugh and say its plastic call her back to tell her to remove it.

Lord what a let down sorta, here I thought oh cool a fun coloured appliance but nope just protective plastic. Ah well you win some you lose some though after I removed the plastic it looks very sharp so it’s all good.

Also my boyfriend came to meet me at my apartment and we put together this lamp from Walmart that I had bought with my mom. Let me just say sometimes you get what you pay for. The lamp shade sucks and was easy to put together but don’t touch it or it may come undone lol. Also it wabbles a little and the legs don’t look all that straight. It’s a two in one lamp so it’s a table and lamp in one.

See photo


This lamp cost about $52.69 it has on top and bottom round glass inserts which is totally fine and looks nice. I bought it because of the two in one combo. But putting it together was not as fun as I would have hoped though I am proud of my self for putting it together with some extra help thanks to my boyfriend. The shade came folded in the box with the lamp. It came with two different sized round white metal wires the small one at the top and the bigger one on the bottom. It had these 3 metal hook thing’s that you put the top and bottom in to and bam it’s supposed to stay. Key word here people I ended up using a plier tool to clamp it shut.

Though as my parents informed me I can just go out and get a better made shade for it at like Home Sense or something. And the legs on this lamp look crooked a little which bugs me but whatever we put it together the way the instructions said, even though the first part my bf said it went one way even though he was wrong I said okay let’s do it your way. But I knew the little rubber things for the glass went the opposite way. So we do it his way which was wrong then I said nope let’s do it my way and I was right. It took longer to put the stupid thing together then it should have but in the end we got it done and its standing lmao.

I also had eaten my first meal at the apartment which was very cool. I had bought a microwave dinner and my bf had brought food with him when he came over. There was a meeting at 6:30pm to talk about the repairs they are doing with everyone’s balcony such as how long it will take between what time of day and so forth. So I am not looking forward to that but they are not starting in the front of the building which is where I am at yet they will do the back first and go from there.

Also yesterday I met one of my neighbours. I had said hello a few days ago to him but he just looked at me. But yesterday I found out his name and we got a little talkative so that was alright. I would have thought more people would have been at the presentation for the repairs but that was not the case. I got to see some of the people who live in my building. It’s a mix that is for sure. But its all good.

Today I’m dropping off some more bins filled with my stuff. Which I will put away and what not and then tomorrow my father and I will go over in the morning with a few things not so much as containers but my area rug and a few photos and mirrors and that sort of thing. Also going to hang some curtains. Then in the afternoon we will come back pick up my dog and bring her over so she can get a good look around and smell and that sort of thing.

Then Friday I’m bringing one of my friends over and will most likely bring a few small things over. And then come Saturday will be the big move of furniture pieces. Then after I will come back to my parents stay the night and then go home to the new place Sunday and have my first night in my new place, I don’t want it to be such a shock for Diva come Sunday when we don’t leave. That is why tomorrow she will go over for a short visit when the majority of my stuff is over there. And she can check the new place out.

Then on Monday my internet and cable service people are coming by to set that all up for me and my land line and that will take almost all day 4 to 5 hours they say so that should be good fun NOT! LOL. I’m becoming more excited and less stressed out. But I still hate moving and the next time I move will be into a body bag that is how much I hate moving.

Any who that is all for now as far as that goes. Photo’s are coming so very very soon so keep an eye out for those.

Over & Out


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