A Clear Mind



A lot of things have been happening lately and with this move I feel like I have a clear mind for once. Even though the packing and shopping and such has been draining. Now that I’m 98% moved and will be 100% come Saturday I feel a calmness which is totally strange but great at the same time.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that my relationship is more of a friendship. We are great as friends and we gave it another go around but I’m not feeling it. And my hearts just not into it. And I’m totally okay. He came over tonight and we talked about it and he’s fine with my decision.

The only thing that is changing is well not a whole lot to be honest with you. That being said he’s still helping me move Saturday which is great. We’re still going to hang out and go to the movies and all of that but as far as anything else it’s just not there.

My mind is clear and calm and I’m relaxed.

Over & Out


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