My First Day LOL

In my apartment that is *smiles*. So I took Miss Diva out last night for one last bathroom time at 11pm. What is great is that I don’t even need to leave the property because there is a grass area to walk her to.

It took a few minutes to fall asleep but once I did it was fine. I did wake up at one point I had heard Diva go and get some water. I have her collar on and the tag chimes lol.

I woke at around 6:30am thinking it was 7am so we laid in bed for 20 minutes then I went and took a shower. As Miss Diva stayed in bed the lazy dog lol. After showering and taking my vitamins I took her out to do her business and then we came back and I had coffee and breakfast. She ate nothing I think it’s the nerves but I think tonight she might eat. She has had a treat but that is it.

Then the cable/net/landline guy came and installed all those services for me and my ex boyfriend came over as well and hung out for a few hours while the guy was here. I made the two of us some herbal tea. Diva hates the staple gun like a lot haha but it was over pretty quickly the guy had to staple a cord to the base boards.

Also she is getting better with the elevator having never been in one before. Though she keeps going to the second last door when we come back to our floor its funny it’s like nope its the next place LOL.

I’m still amazed that this is my place also its nice not to be living in my room as I was at my parents. Now I have a living room, dining area my own bathroom not that I did not have one before but you know what I mean. And of course my bedroom and front hall closet LOL.

I’m in love with my apartment if one could be that would be me hehe. I have to say as well for the most part I have enjoyed meeting some of the people who live in my building they have been very friendly towards me as I have to them. I honestly think you make where you live the experience you want. If your Miss Negative Nancy then that is what you will get back in return and vice versa.

Any who so ya so far so good. I’m glad to get internet back and cable. I’ve already gone through the shows I want to pvr again. And so far I have about 25 shows or so that will be recording when they are on. Also I have unlimited internet which I’m so happy about. My landline was also installed and I have the cutest phone number. But I’m not using it in the sense of telling people what it is since its only for the buzzer system to work and connect too. And maybe for emergencies or power outage or some such things.

So ya so far so good I’m a woman of means 😀

Over & Out


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