I Got A Feeling

Sometimes when you get a feeling like a bad feeling or a feeling about someone there’s something just not right about them you need to listen to your inner voice or calling or whatever you want to call it and go with it.

A few months ago I had a girls night at my parents, I had invited this one person to it that I did not know very well but out of being nice and wanting to get to know them better I extended the invite to them. Not that it matters but the girls night everyone I had invited were trans and this one person was still very early in their transition and they seemed very negative.

Needless to say how I met them was through an online e-list form any who after that night on the e-list they would bring up very personal things about them selves that I will not post here but some major things happened to them but instead of you know getting over it, they would bring it up as a poor me playing card. Ya we get it shit happened to you, shit happens to everyone but enough is enough. Anyways they would also say things that would just question your thoughts like there not telling the truth on some things and would then retort and switch their story up.

Then I was just like okay I don’t get a great feeling about this person and I need to keep my guard up. Since then they have said some negative things through text and so last night was my last straw and once again they pulled the poor me card. I basically told them sorry but you need some help and please lose my number, I wish you well in your transition but your to negative for me and then I used the iPhone feature to block and blocked them.

Also they live in the next apartment building over from me. I’m just glad I never gave them my apartment info. They also tried to scare me moving to this area. By telling me bad things, Mean while it’s not a bad area just some not so great things have happened but where my parents live not great things have happened there. I think just keep to your self and mind your own biz and it’s all good. Again you make it what you want.

So ya I’m fine with not having any more contact with this person. And it’s not just me that gets a strange vibe from this person others have experienced it as well. There is just something not right about them. And on top of that this is where this post ends. On to bigger and better things ahead.

Enjoy your day everyone

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “I Got A Feeling

  1. ohmigod that’s really concerning, i’m glad you blocked them and removed yourself from the situation. I have had friends like this (maybe not to this extent) but that are negative and although i wanted to be there for them, ultimately they have to help themselves, which they weren’t doing. so i removed myself from the situation as well. well please be careful and yeah move on to bigger and better things!! 🙂

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