Busy Day


So today was busy once again. I had to wake early for building people to do an assessment on my unit. The note that I was given said between 8am and 12 noon so I set my alarm on my cell to 7am but my inner alarm got me up at 6:30am. Which was fine gave me enough time to wake up shower take Diva out for a 15 minute walk come home eat breakfast. And around 9 or so two guys showed up came in took a few notes stayed maybe 5 minutes and left.

Then a technician arrived to hook up my land line to the buzzer in the lobby because it was not working. I was told I had to get a land line in order for it to work. Funny story so when I was given all the details about my place they had given me a buzzer code but the tech guy tells me the code is not the right code and so he gave me the right code. So annoying but whatever.

But all is not done there. Then a new guy shows up to fix my bathroom sink cause it was leaking and the taps were lose. Also the water in the bathtub would spray out water when the shower would go on which was annoying. Also in the bedroom both screens were not in the best shape with a hole in each and silver tape holding one together lol. So all is fixed there with brand new taps in the bathroom.He also took both screens out and went and fixed them and brought them back.

The one window in the living room that is cracked as well sliding door will be fixed in a few weeks because maintenance does not fix things like that. Because its construction or some such thing. But everything else is fixed. So that is good. YIPPY.

Now I can work out

Over & Out


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