My First Tarot Card Reading


Before I let you read my reading a good friend of mine had one done and after letting her know I’d love something like that done for me she so kindly paid for me to have my cards read, I have copied the whole reading down for all of you to check out. I did give a few things like my birthday my exes sign and my dogs sign lol. Though there was nothing in the cards about my dog which I guess is a good thing. The over all reading was positive. I have also left out the woman’s name who did the reading for me.

Some of you may not know this about me but I believe in spirits and Guardian Angels and that everything happens for a reason sometimes we know and sometimes we don’t know. Enjoy reading my reading lol.

Check it out below.

15 April 2015 Reading for Lana middle and last name hidden for privacy

12 November 1979 Scorpio ( It’s true I’m 35 lol)

Tarot suit that relates to Scorpio is Cups – a water sign
Cups also apply to Cancer and Pisces

While shuffling I meditate on your name and birth date and ask your spirit guides and guardian angels to influence the cards that appear in order to send you the message you need to hear. I use the Celtic Cross 10 card spread. I deal the cards in a cross pattern from 1 to 10, each position indicating the recent past, present and immediate future, and covers up to 1 year. Please note: I try to keep my cards straight but sometimes, for reasons unknown, cards come out upside down or Reversed. This rarely happens but there were several in your reading. When these appear it generally means a somewhat tumultuous situation.
Firstly I would like to comment on your birth day ie 12 November. This day almost guarantees life will be interesting at best, difficult at worst. It is called The Day of Sensual Charisma. On the positive side you are magnetic, seductive and attractive. On the negative side you have the potential to struggle with addiction and be generally troubled. It’s an interesting mix. You share your birthday with Grace Kelly and Charles Manson who personify the best and worst in this day. Often childhood is relatively happy but adulthood can be challenging. A deep spirituality is a good anecdote to the challenges you face eg meditation, an acceptance of things as being ‘for a purpose’ and trusting in your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel(s). We all have these who are eagerly waiting to come to our aid. Ask them earnestly for help and feel their calm and nurturing presence when you are feeling stressed and vulnerable.

Card 1 You at this moment in time
3 of Swords Reversed
This is where you are right now. It is the card of Sorrow but it has the additional attribute of being a necessary Sorrow. In other words, you are in a situation that is teaching you something important that you need to experience and you will benefit from it. In the context of love the reversed 3 of Swords points to misunderstandings, sadness, and sorrow. A relationship may have just ended, which I know to be true in your case so this card is very pertinent to your situation. Allow yourself to feel any pain as a result, but don’t turn it into self-persecution. We all have more than one soul-mate on the planet. Remember that when one door closes in life – another always opens.

Card 2 What crosses you right now – something that is working against your happiness
10 of Pentacles Reversed
When the 10 of Pentacles reversed appears, you will need to be especially thoughtful and cautious in your financial dealings. Things that may seem like a good idea on the surface may turn out to be less lucrative than you anticipated. Watch where you put your trust where money is concerned. Pentacles cards are primarily about money and status. The 10 is the card of ‘having it all’ but it’s reversed and crossing you. Money may be short right now and holding you back from things you would like to do. Not an unfamiliar scenario for most of us but it may be acutely so for you just now. This card may make you feel that happiness and contentment in a family and financial context is just not working out for you. You want this badly, as do most of us, but it seems to elude you. Don’t dwell on this issue. I feel dwelling on it is the source of the problem. Cards that cross us are usually only of a temporary nature. Don’t be held back by longing for what you don’t have right now. It is never a good thing to dwell on anything negative.

Card 3 Your foundation – that which sustains you
4 of Cups Reversed
The reversed 4 of Cups is a card about breaking out of a self-imposed rut. This card is better in the reversed position. You may know that you’re in a rut but not realise that it is a self-imposed one. You can control your own destiny to an extent so it’s time to get on with the job. You are about to find yourself getting moving again. That’s a good thing.
If you look carefully around you, you will see opportunities that you hadn’t noticed before. Take some time to explore them. Your motivation should be higher than ever to make money. You can do it but you must make yourself follow through.
In terms of romance, you may finally be ready to move beyond the ghosts of your past and toward a brighter, happier love life in the future. Spend time thinking about what and who you really and truly need in your life. Look forward, not back.

Card 4 Recent Past
5 of Cups
Ah, the card of loss, regret and disappointment. And it is another Cups which relates to Scorpio and Cancer, your ex’s sign. If I hadn’t known this I would have said that you had just experienced a difficult situation which has left you feeling disappointed. The good thing, it’s behind you now and you are in a good situation (see 4 of Cups above) to remedy the situation. This is a card about breaking free.
Card 5 What surrounds you
9 of Wands Reversed
You may be feeling absolutely overwhelmed and unsure about where to turn. If this is the case, talk it through with people in your personal life that you trust, and then consider what the appropriate action would be. There is no need to be a bull in a china shop, but there is also usually little sense in doing multiple things halfway rather than a few things very well. If possible, ask for help. Wands can be about career opportunities so you appear to have the energy at your disposal to create some business opportunities. You may not be feeling very “spiritual” when the reversed 9 of Wands appears. You may feel that there are too many functional concerns in your life right now to give much attention to your spirit. That would be a mistake, as we are at all times a mixture of body, mind, and spirit, and the people who are the happiest and function the best typically are mindful of all three parts of that triad. Even if all you can muster now is a few moments in silent contemplation, that’s a start. Light a candle and meditate upon it concentrating on your breathing and asking your Guides to help you achieve inner peace and steer you in the right direction.
I wear an Angel pendant with an amethyst at its heart. When I feel overwhelmed or just anxious, I clasp my pendant close my eyes and ask for peace. It never fails me.
Card 6 Near future
King of Swords.
The King of Swords is a highly intelligent figure and while it doesn’t indicate that you are a rocket scientist just because you have the card, it does show that you will soon have information, knowledge, and know-how to bring to the table. It can be a grand card regarding finance or aspects of your life where information is important. The challenge of the card is coming off in a way in which people can relate to you. You will have information that you want to share and ideas bubbling to the surface. The solutions that you have coming to you are excellent ones and you need to trust in your own insight. However, when conveying information to others you want to be sure that you are coming off in a way which will not turn them off. Swords are about ideas and change but can relate to a man who is either a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. It could also be someone with a great deal of ingenuity and good ideas. The King of Swords can definitely represent a man that is coming your way in terms of romance but I tend to feel he is more likely to help you in a financial sense. This individual would be older than you either in actual age or worldly experience. He often is one with lighter features such as blue or green eyes and blonde or whitish hair. This isn’t always the case, but it can be a strong indicator. When representing a person specifically it will show someone that you share ideas and thoughts with, someone that you are challenged by intellectually, and someone that is quick witted.

He could be a father figure as well that well help you move forward with an idea.

Card 7 How you see yourself
7 of Swords
The Seven of Swords can be quite a tricky Card to interpret. All the Sevens in the Tarot carry the message of Hanging on, Not Giving Up and Finding a Way to overcome the challenges we face. The Seven of Swords does echo that theme too as in using your mind and wits to get yourself out of a difficult situation or to come up with a new approach to your problem. In this position I would think this reflects how you view yourself. You regard yourself as being the one who will ultimately sort things out and not rely on others to rescue you. That’s a good sign, I think and is displays an independent spirit who wants to be the mistress of her destiny.
Card 8 How others see you
6 of Cups
This is an unusual card to see in this position as it is the card of reflection and nostalgia. I always stress to people I read for that how others see us is not necessarily correct or important. It may be important if you are not being taken seriously by others or being regarded as ineffectual in some way that could be affecting your ability to progress in your job or sustain a relationship. Otherwise if others see us as clever and we’re really not – does it matter?
In your case I think this may reflect the fact that others treat you as a child in many ways as this card is associated with childhood. If so this would not be something in your favour. It could be related to your family’s treatment of you in not allowing you to grow up and be responsible. Sometimes parents like to keep their children dependant on them whereby they can retain power over their child’s life and this is rarely in the child’s best interest. If this resonates with you I suggest you resist their attempts to do this and resist seeking their help. Be as self reliant as you can be and you will grow accordingly in strength and maturity. The only other possible explanation for this card in this position is that people see you as living in the past – too nostalgic perhaps and desirous of being treated as a child. Only you will know which is the most likely scenario.  Either way I would see this as an area you should address as this is not a positive way to be regarded.

Card 9 Your hopes and fears
The Lovers
This is a card of the Major Arcana which with the suit cards are significant in terms of our soul journey. You only have one card from the Major Arcana and this card of relationships is therefore very important right now. It means you are having an important experience that you need to learn from. In this position the card meaning is clear. A relationship is what you hope for and fear at the same time. Fearing a relationship is not uncommon or unusual; we fear failing at a relationship; we fear losing our freedom; and we fear choosing the wrong person. If your experience in this area has been difficult in the past it is not surprising to see you being in two minds about relationships. You may not be even aware of the fear factor as it may be buried in your sub-conscious. Try not re-live the past too much. We tend to attract what we fear the most so don’t go down that path of what and why things went wrong. Look to the future and imagine the person of your dreams with whom you can have an equal and loving partnership and you will attract such an outcome.

Card 10 Outcome
2 of Cups Reversed
The 2 of Cups often refers to romantic partnership even when reversed, but that is not its only connotation. It can speak of balance, friendship, joy, and sharing.
In general the reversed 2 is a card that says that things will go well. However be careful not to cause problems in your platonic friendships by over attention to your love life.
When you receive the reversed 2 of Cups, you may be going to find yourself in a job you don’t like, and you may feel that there are unpleasant similar feelings that your workmates project toward you. This is possibly a passing phase. But people born on November 12 generally do better working for themselves than others and I would urge you to consider and work on any ideas you might have for self employment as the cards in other areas support this at the moment. If you can focus on that area I believe you will enjoy more success.

From a financial perspective, 2 of Cups reversed generally indicates balance and fairness with regard to money. In other words what you will get out will depend on how much effort your put in.
If you are facing particular health problems, the reversed 2 of Cups can indicate that you will allow others to help you. You may be in need of some healing; but it may be hard for you to accept help. In general, the 2 reversed is still a good omen when it comes to health. Keep a positive attitude which is very important for (and supportive of) good health.
This card reversed suggests that you will be working on your feelings of belonging with the energies of the universe and being at home with yourself. This is one of the cards that represents the heart chakra and its opening. No one can do these things for you and if you work on spiritual healing with the help of your Spirit Guides and Angels you will find your joy, and your bliss, and be able to share it.

Lots and lots of Cups in your reading which I would expect to find in a Scorpio so that reassures me this reading can be trusted. A few Swords as well which would be do with the mind and ideas. How you process things mentally is very important right now. A good balance of emotion and thought is important.
Overall the cards tell a story that is quite positive. I am particularly impressed to see the 4 of Cups reversed as your foundation as it signals loud and clear that the time is right for change in everything you do. If your hair pulling has been a persistent problem now is the time to seek expert help. Do not be afraid to take medication to reduce your anxiety – it could free you as nothing else can.
The 9 of Wands followed by the King of Swords, the master of ideas, together with your outcome card indicate a period of success is coming but there is an undercurrent of this being very much up to you and how you respond to opportunity. The reversed cards that pop up everywhere suggest to me things could go either way.
Be strong, focused and determined Lana and you will get the outcome you want and deserve. It really is up to you to take advantage of these good vibrations. A year spent getting yourself together will stand you in really good stead for a relationship that is mutually advantageous. The cards say allow others to help you which indicate you need to work with them.
Remember we can’t continue to do things the same and expect a different outcome. Change is always difficult but if you are fed up with how things have gone in the past, look at how you can do things differently in the future. I sense the time is right for a change in outlook and behaviour. From a personal perspective I found my life changed significantly once I understood what we are here for. We enter this human incarnation with a set of lessons to learn and they are often difficult and painful. But we agreed to this Fate when we were in the Spirit dimension as this is what we needed for our soul/spirit to learn and grow. Of course we forget that the moment we are born and wonder why life is sometime tough!

But we aren’t expected to do this alone. We each are assigned helpers from the Spirit dimension that are with us every second of the day. They want to help us and the way they speak to us is through our conscience. Don’t confuse guilt and conscience however. Guilt is self imposed and often is a reflection of others’ expectations. When you meditate, speak aloud to your helpers and ask them to come into your life in an active and productive way. Facing a job interview? Ask them to help you formulate the right answers and help you present in the best light. Feeling stressed by others who suck your energy dry? Ask them to surround you with white impenetrable light that will deflect negative energy. Believe and it will be so. I hope this reading has helped you in some way Lana. The cards can be ambiguous at times and other times they can be as clear as a neon sign. When they are ambiguous it is because the Spirit dimension needs you to figure stuff out yourself. We don’t learn anything otherwise and we are here to learn and grow to be wiser and more evolved spirits in our own right. We are each on a journey towards Nirvana or spiritual perfection and it is long and arduous.

Best of luck in the future


3 thoughts on “My First Tarot Card Reading

  1. Wow, a lot of this is really dead-on! All the stuff about change and a new direction and even the money issues can be related to your recent move. I have a few more friends getting readings now, LOL.

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