Back In The Pool


The dating pool that is or the Internet dating pool whatever you wanna call it I’m back in the pool. Also this is my second time using photos of myself with my own hair. The last time I had a dating ad with my own hair was back in 2006. And you know what it feels amazing. After yesterday’s salon visit I took some new photos and posted them on my dating ad. I also updated the main photo here on the blog on the home page.

Yes it’s true I’ve re joined the dating pool. That is what’s funny about the tarot card reading that I had done. Is that it spoke about a recent breakup and my breakup happened last Friday it’s a full week that we split for the second time. I did not want to blog about it right away. I was to busy with moving and all but the past post about having a clear mind touches on the split.

I realized it’s not the relationship for me and that I need so much more. I also wanted a fresh start. With moving to a new area and into a new apartment. For once I have a clear mind and I’m really okay. Getting back into the dating pool is funny because you leave then come back and most of the time people that were on-line before are still on-line lol. So it’s like you have not missed much.

I’ve returned to the two websites I was using before and hopefully I will have some luck. Some things I know what to look for and am open to new experiences and meeting new people. All you can do is get upon to the horse and go for it. Get back into the dating pool and know that whatever you’re looking for you will find it. I’m excited to start meeting people and what better time than Spring Summer.

Any who wish me luck

Over & Out


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