Settling In


So tomorrow will be a full week that I’ve been in my new apartment. I’m all moved in I’m all settled and everything is in its right place. I’ve hung the last picture hat needed hanging a couple of days ago. Yesterday was house cleaning day I threw some tunes on and away I went.

Even though I am settled some thoughts do cross my mind as in I hope there is never a fire. But I think anyone that lives in an apartment building has those same fears. And being on the 15th floor you can understand why that would be a fear of mine but it’s not such a huge fear that I’m afraid.

Also though I have been taking Miss Diva out a few times a day with some good walks she has not fully settled. Thursday she ate half her food. That was also the day I left to get my hair done and she only ate in the evening. Friday she did not eat any of her food. Her nose is warm and she’s sleeping lots. Though when she does go to the bathroom its normal and she’s had no accidents.

I’m thinking she’s just stressed out and maybe a little depressed. I think she was also this way when we moved from the one house to the other and possibly when my brother had to put down his one dog then Diva was all by her self. Though I don’t remember how her eating habits were. I know she was down and knew something was up. I’m not to worried but it is on my mind. Hopefully she will eat some food today.

So it’s hit me that I’m on my own now. It’s nice to be honest with you I kind of wish I had my own place a long time ago. But once again everything happens for a reason. It’s all about timing. It’s also interesting hearing noises coming from below. Thankfully it has been pretty quite. I am super happy that my place is on the end and nobody is above me. Because that would get on my last nerve for sure 😎. Also I’m really loving the sunsets they have been pretty amazing.

image image


Because I face North I get the afternoon sun, also because I’m so high up I get a good breeze too from my bedroom window to my livingroom window and if I have my balcony door open its even more so. Also when they fix the balcony I’ll want to sit out side. I’ve yet to get a plant and have not got any flowers as of yet but hopefully that will be soon. I have been enjoying lighting up my scented candles and it just fills my place with lilac scents. I have a few other scented candles I have yet to light those lol.

I also call the 15th floor Windy 15th because when the wind picks up its pretty windy. Anywho that’s it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

Over & Out


5 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Moving is so hard, I am glad you are in an apartment with such a beautiful view. It always takes time to adjust, My best to you.

  2. Hm I might take Diva in soon just to get her checked out. It could be moving stress, but any time a dog doesn’t eat well for a day or two i get really nervous!

    1. Since going tomPetsmart and getting the wet food and her eating her food yesterday and this morning Im happy I just mix some wet with her dry. Though she’s eating once day. But the funny thing is I had a feeling she would just go back to eating once a day because before moving into the house my parents bought the dogs only ate once a day. Then moving they would eat twice a day and i think diva only ate twice because she knew the other dogs would eat it. But since it’s just her she eats when she wants too.

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