Re Covering an Ottoman

So I have this Ottoman and the fabric on it is not me by any means. I borrored my dads staple gun and today I went to Fabricland and bought some fabric. Its vinyl so like fake leather. Its sorta pearl sparkly in the sun its very me LOL. I ended up buying more than I needed it turned out but thats fine because I can always use the fabric for something else im sure. It took a while to remove most of the old staples tho some I could not remove. And the base part was screwed on so that was easy to unscrew.

The Ottoman before.


Here I am using a staple remover.


Now of course for the finished look. Miss Diva hated the staple gun and ran out of the room and went to my room and whimpered she was not impressed by any means. But once it was done she came to check it out.

Here is the fabric up close.


Here it is in day light

image image

It sparkles in sunlight


Over & Out


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