Paying Down Your Credit Card


Basically having to take my dog to the vet and it costing almost $1000 put a huge dent in my credit card. Then moving right around the corner and using my credit card and some of the other things that were already on it has put a dent into it. But now I have to stop using it all together so I can lower it a lot. I’ve already got my other credit card almost paid off only about $1000 or so to pay on that and then it’s being canceled. But this new card I have has been a blessing as well a curse. A blessing because my dog has amazing breath now and I did need some of the things for my apartment. But it’s also a curse because I have more credit debt then when I started out. But such is life I just have to stop using it and I have removed it from my wallet so there is no temptation. I looked at my limit on-line and noticed it was higher than the last time I checked so this is a wake up call for me. The joys of being an adult and a responsible one at that.

Over & Out


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