Every Relationship Is A Learning Experince

And you learn things about your self and you take things from what you have learned and try not to make those same mistakes in new ones that you have. I’ve realized that I need not to make my next relationship so public such as putting it all over Facebook. I think it’s fine to let others know that you’re in one and so forth but I don’t think they need to be plastered all over it just in case you breakup.

I’ve also learned that I must have intimacy and hand holding and kissing won’t cut it. I need more than an emotional relationship it has to be a mix of emotional and physical. I also know that they must have fresh breath like it’s a must period. And be able to easily carry a conversation. I also think that the next guy I date it won’t be rushed and it will be easy. It will just flow and go naturally. It’s sorta perfect timing to be single and in a new apartment and summer is coming and life is really good right now. I’m positive I had a successful date the other day and I’m back in the online dating pool.

Also I feel that I will maybe date many people at once this time around and then sorta choose who I want to be with that way. Or not have to choose and just date and take it from there. I feel that the rest of this year is truly going to be amazing and quite possibly one of the best years yet. Positive thinking will get you every where I totally believe that.

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6 thoughts on “Every Relationship Is A Learning Experince

  1. I agree about the public aspect – honestly Doug and I both swear we’ll never post little mushy love letters to each other there like some people do, LOL. Not sure why people do that!

    1. Cause they can lol, but it was one way it was me doing it all the time taking things and what not. Won’t be doing that again. The next guy I date I want it 50/50 in all aspects.

      1. Well you didn’t post mushy messages to him though, you just posted pictures and stuff. That to me is fine. Some people go over the top though and it’s like they’re telling their man how much they love him on FB when he’s in the same house with them, like why?? LOL

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