The Kissing Session


So I don’t like to kiss and tell but I’m going to. And I found the above photo when I put tonight’s blog title into Google so I thought it was perfectly fitting. The one thing I love the most is kissing now not everyone can do this act in fact some people are quite bad at it and ive had to teach people but anyways. I had a date this afternoon with a very good-looking 27 military guy. And also I think I have a thing for scruffy men with facial hair I don’t know I just find it super hot.

I gave it a shot and went for it kissing him that is and we must have kissed for like 20 minutes I sware. It was so good. And you know that feeling you get when your attracted to them and you get those  butterfly’s in your tummy. It’s like you’re a teenager again it’s so funny. But yea back to kissing him, such a good kisser little nibbles on the upper lip or bottom. And your hands explore their body as they explore yours but it’s all G-rated of course.

Nothing beats kissing someone where time passes by and your just intertwined by them. Eyes are closed and your just enjoying the moment. When the person is a good kisser it makes everything more enjoyable also kissing can be better than sex believe it or not. Just depends on who your kissing.

On that note we do plan on seeing each other again so that’s a bonus.

Over & Out


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