Bruce Jenner The Interview with Diane Sawyer

It’s amazing how watching a show such as this bring up so many memories. And how almost everyone’s story is close in being the same. My eyes got watery and my heart starts to patter. I think it’s amazing that we trans people are getting so much coverage. Not just with this story but every now public figure with in he trans community such as Lavern Cox who was on the Times cover and being nominated for an Emmy. And all the other amazing people who are in the public eye. Just recently I saw one of my favourite beauty bloggers from YouTube GiGi Gorgeous photo in a magazine from Shoppers Drug Mart.

It’s about time that we finally get heard and people start taking notice were not going anywhere. We’re normal just like you and there is nothing sick or disgusting about who we are. We just want to live our lives with no problems. And the people who have a problem with us it’s not our problem it’s yours so get over your selves.

The trans community is where the gay community was and I’m sure after all has settled and people just accept us I’m sure there will be another group out there that people will have issues with. I thought Diane did a great job with this interview and it’s nice that this interview was not something negative but positive. And I hope going forward people just let trans people be themselves.

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