Your too skinny – your too fat- your too skinny


You can never win apparently. Back in my teens and early 20s I was skinny like 150lbs or so give or take. I had people tell me to eat a cracker and every other thing about being to skinny. You should eat more and blah blah blah. Then in 2006 I had to have surgery on my lower tummy more so to remove scar tissue that had formed on my small intestines from a life saving surgery I had to have when I was a baby, It was pull through surgery from having a disease called Hirschsprung disease, from there on I was then able to gain weight and from that point on I went all the way up too 238. From being fat for my body I then was ugly in my mind’s eye and it took a number of years to get that fat by the way.

Then being that fat people made comments and now that I have lost all the weight and then some now I’m hearing the same comments I did when I was skinny the only difference now is that I’m healthy, I workout everyday, I eat three meals a day and sometimes a snack if I’m hungry. I feel amazing I have energy, and yet I’m hearing your to skinny, you look sick, your face is too thin. How about is to the people who are making comments, first is I have not been this thin in a very long time so it might be a shock to your system. Your not used to it. Also do your self and me a favour and worry about you and I’ll worry about me. Maybe your bitter or jealous because I’ve put the time and energy into losing all the weight I’ve lost. But stop making comments about how thin I am because it hurts my feelings and I’m rather sick of hearing about it.

I stepped on the scale at my parents to see what my weight was at there’s said I was 153.4lbs now the last time I weighed my self before I moved it said 160.00lbs and when I went to the doctors they put me in at 166.6 so if we sorta split the two I might be at 160lbs but to be honest moving is stressful as everyone knows and maybe I’ve lost a little bit of weight from the move. Also the ideal weight for a woman who is 6’2 is between 153 – 187. But as I told my brother tonight I go to the bathroom perfectly fine. I’m not sick. I don’t feel sick and from what my doctor said to me last time is that I’m perfectly healthy. Now sure I could make an appointment and have them weigh me but to be honest I’m not worried about my weight for once I’m loving how my body looks and I feel fabulous so my question is why can’t everyone else be happy for me.

Instead they have something to bitch about and should really be focusing their energy on doing something about their own body and leave mine alone. It’s like if the doctor says I’m sick fine worry but and till then leave your rude nasty uncalled comments to your self and worry about you and not worry about me. To be honest I think it’s because I have not been as slender as this in such a long time so people are not used to it.

Okay I’m done ranting, from now on the people who have the problem about my weight worry about your own unless there is something to worry about got it good thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Your too skinny – your too fat- your too skinny

  1. Very true Lana! I am getting it a lot too since I’ve lost about 20 pounds. It’s really nobody’s business what your weight no matter what size you are, but people think they have a right to comment anyway. It would be nice to respond to those kinds of nosy comments with one of your own, like when someone says ‘you are too skinny you need to eat a cracker’ you could respond with, ‘well you look constipated, you need to go take a crap.’ LOL. Hey, if they are going to be inappropriate about your body you can be inappropriate about theirs!

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