The End Of One Chapter

A new one always begins. Since my ex and I splitting I have removed almost all traces of memories of him and I off my Facebook page, I’ve removed the photo of him and I out of my picture frame that I have in my living room. There stored away. And I have not worn my ring he gave me since getting it back. It was getting resized before we split. We have decided to take a break from each other for some real closure. Though I hope to be friends with him in the future we are remaining friends on Facebook. We’re just not texting or calling each other.

Typically when a couple breaks up more often than not the girl tends to cry away and eat junk food and gains a little weight but not this girl. I have not cried not this time around there really is no reason to cry because it’s just not the relationship for me. I’m not eating a bucket of tasty frozen yogurt either though I do have one in my freezer lol nor have I drank a bottle of wine to my self to make the pain of the breakup go away.

Though I wish it could have been what I wanted I see no point in staying with someone if you’re not whole heartedly madly in love with them. It’s not fair to them nor is it fair to your self. My ex is a great guy and will make someone else an amazing boyfriend/fiancé/ husband. I’m also finding out that this living alone is not all half bad after all. I’ve decorated it the way I wanted to, I’m so thankful I have no roommates. Even though the people below me make noises late at night other than that I’m still very much loving it. And I feel like I’ve lived on my own for a while that’s what it feels like not such a short time like how it is.

Also I walked Diva today and took a different path which was nice to do changing our walks up.


I’m still in love with my amazing view anytime I want to see what is happening I just get to look out my balcony window and watch the world pass by. Oh and the amazing sunsets I’m so lucky to experience every time there is one. And there always different from the next.

I’m feeling very blessed, I have great friends, family my health and my dog.

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “The End Of One Chapter

    1. It’s for the best right, it’s still sorta sucks but such is life right lol because you wish you could of made it work and vice versa

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