A Flash From The Past

I’ve held on to this one photo because well it’s a favourite of mine and I’m glad to say my hair is slowly getting back to where it once was I just have a little ways to go till it gets back to this length. This photo I’m showing was taken back in the early part of 2006 I know because I had used it in a dating ad online when I met my first long-term relationship ex. This just proves how slender I was.


As as you can clearly see I have high cheek bones all natural thanks lol. Very slender face, my arms are also small and so is the rest of me. Now add-on a handful of years a ton of unhealthy food choices and some depression and me in a bathing suit thinking I looked good. NOT lol


Then after getting off the sofa and straining my knee and basically being told to get off my lazy ass and get moving by my Dr no doubt back in 2013, I slowly started with yoga for beginners DVD then from there bought other at home workout DVDs. Walking the dogs by this time it was summer and then finally changing my workouts and now using a workout app in 2015, I have gone back to the old me but better improved healthy and fit.



Its amazing what life can throw at you, and how you can change and grow and either become the best you can be when life gets in the way. Or stay in the rut you put yourself in. Only you have control over where you go in life and your destiny.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “A Flash From The Past

  1. Yes I have GOT to get my butt off the sofa and start working out as well. Although I have lost weight it’s not due to exercise and the main thing I find is how easily I can get injured now because I have lost so much of my body strength. And at age 45 this is really the time to take care of that before it gets too difficult! I swear I am going to start this summer…

    1. Well you know from reading my posts I hated working out and it’s always more difficult the older we get, as well we always make some excuse on why we can’t not enough time and so on and yet we have time or we make time for it. I mean my seven app is what 8 minutes a day to get the blood really pumping.

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