Bathing Suit Wheather Is Coming

And I’m going to have to get a new one because the one I have and have held on to is now way to big for me. It’s super cute halter style black one piece with a skirted bottom but the cups are to big now I don’t fill them and it’s kind of baggy on me of course the size is a XL and from the size guide on this company’s website I would most likely fit a size medium now and have it fit like a glove. Below are two photos of me wearing it one from when I weighed more and one I just took so I could write this post.

image image

Now I don’t tend to go swimming much. But I think its important to own at least one super cute bathing suit. Now I may end up buying a new one that is very similar to this style but in polkadots or a two piece tankini top and skirted bottom.I love skirted bathing suits they sorta look like clothing that you could wear out of course you don’t but you get what I mean. It sucks because I love this bathing suit and I never got to enjoy it because well I got skinny. But if it was the right size than id be more in love with it. The good news is I’m holding on to it just in case I ever get fat again HAHA kidding just kidding not bloody likely.

Also I want to get a new bathing suit for my summer trip to Toronto. Id like to have a bathing suit for that incase my friends and I go to the beach or a pool. The joys of bathing suits. But in my case its smart to just own one. I gave one of my other bathing suits away because again it was a XL and no longer fitted me. That bathing suit did get some wear though so I’m happy about that.

Over & Out


3 thoughts on “Bathing Suit Wheather Is Coming

  1. I hear you about never getting to enjoy the suit. I have a LOT of pants that I never got to wear, and what really sucks is THOSE were smaller pants I’d bought to replace my size 4s! I went from 4 to 0 in about two months so I have all these brand-new size 2s I had to put into storage. And now that I think of it I bought several new bathing suits last summer that I am sure no longer fit. Doug and I keep going back and forth about getting a pool, LOL.

    1. After I wrote this post I bought a new suit. A skirted bottom and two tankini tops one was on sale the other not. So I can change it up with out having to get more suits. The bottom is black and one of the tankini tops is white with black polkadots and a black bow and the other is a coral top. This should last me a long ass time. I love swimming pools but have not been to a public pool in years lol.

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