Plastic Surgery Updated Photos



Okay so I have not had any recent surgery but I did contact my plastic surgeons office and wondered if they wanted to update my after photos on their site since I have lost 70lbs. I think because I’m the only transsexual m2f on their website with photos they should be updated with recent photos. I know if I’m going to a website to look at the doctors work and considering that doctor for any form of plastic surgery or procedure I want to see updated photos.

My after photos are from 2011 it’s now 2015 and my girls will be turning 4 in June lol. Anyways I sent them a message on Facebook and they responded saying they would love for me to come in and to take new photos and gave me an appointment time next month May 14th. I’m excited to see my surgeon again and to have these new photos taken for his website. I’m still so impressed with the work he has done and they look I think even better now that I’ve lost some weight.

Its amazing what self-confidence a BA (Breast Augmentation) can give someone who is Trans and or Cis and wants a fuller look to their chest. If I did not have my BA when I lost all the weight I’d be flat as a board. That I know for sure. Also it will be nice to see my doctor again since its been a few years. I’m feeling wonderful and I’m glad they will take new photos for their site.

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