What’s in yo pantry

Well after doing a crap load of shopping today I decided what better time than to take a photo of it filled my pantry that is hehe. I’ll start with the top and work my way to the bottom.


So the very top shelf on the left I have the box Divas static collar came in and instructions. On the right part a salad bowl and silver serving dish. Below those things I have my one and only cook book.  Daphne Oz Cook book. Called Selfish. It’s a good cook book also has some hosting tips and what not for dinner party’s and a mix of things. Next to that directions for a bunch of different things such as coffee maker and microwave. I also have a red dry dish mat. And extra place mats.



Nothing major now on to the best part my roomy pantry.


Top left drinking glasses and mugs, on the right China tea cups and saucers, tooth picks, and divas tooth brush and doggy tooth paste in my old bathroom drinking glass. I also have a head of garlic, Shelve on the right below the drinking glasses I have, bowls china plates and normal white plates, net to that a box of grain shop cereal it’s my fave and it’s a extra box I picked up last time I was at the super market. I also have herbal tea of different flavours such as lemon and blue berry, I also have to cans of diced tomatoes with herbs their my fave.

Also two cans of low sodium chicken soup, I have croutons more pasta, a small thing of peanut butter my own since the other one is now divas lol. For filling her Kong up when I leave. To go out. Granola bars, there great for your purse when you get hungry and your out, honey, Mrs Dash garlic and herb, an array of crackers, I also have salad dressing, vanilla for baking, a can of tuna, the yellow lid container has my fave cereal in it. The container is so old lol my mom gave it to ,e it works great it will hold 1 box of cereal and then some lol. The Shelf below that on the right had two different sized  casserole dishes, a mixing bowl and pasta drainers and what not, a chopper next to that, then a small bottle of oil and olive oil extra virgin of course lol, then I have two kinds of hot sauce, Pam cooking spray, baking soda, some tacos and two different kinds of  Pringles chips, behind that I have flower and rice.

Next level down I have plastic store food containers with lids in its own plastic  container, baking needs below that again in a container like measuring spoons and cups and all that fun stuff, I kept that yogurt container from the last one I had cause you can always use it for something lol. Next to that I have chip clips and what not again in a container and some plastic and tin foil wrap.

Below that on the bottom of my pantry I have extra napkins in blue, a popcorn bowl to do microwave popcorn or to also use as a big salad bowl, zip lock bags for food, and extra China in case I break a dish or need extras. And that concludes my what’s in yo pantry. Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I had fun sharing it.

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Trade Secrets

So after my doctor’s appointment today I went to the mall more so to Sephora to see if eu had Deva Curl in stock. But to my surprise they don’t sell it in store which to be honest is kind of stupid the girl I asked was of a darker skin complexion and she’s “like yea I wish we did”. Before getting there though i had gone online to Trade Secrets to see what they had for curls and saw a product called Recoil Curl Activator it’s by AG Hair Cosmetics The line is Curl. It’s 178ml or 6oz it was $19.95

The back of the bottle reads: some curls need a little encouragement and nothing defines maintains and moisturizes curls like AG Recoil,  rich in our are exclusive curl creating complex (C3), Recoil separates and holds without stiffness or stickiness it even in high humidity.

Directions: Scrunch a small amount evenly through clean, damp hair, air dry or use a diffuser to blow-dry.


I’m hoping this stuff will help with what I want. The girl asked what I was using right now and I said Mane and Tail and though I love it it’s not doing anything for my curl and I’d like to bring the curl out more. So she recommended this product. All I have to do now is use it and then I’ll do a full review on it.

While I was there I noticed they also sell hair pieces. I also noticed they sell Easihair products which is a line from Jon Renau. And you all know from my past few posts that I’m bored with my bio hair and want to change it up some how. They sell a handful of different products and then my eyes went to the ponytail clip comb claw which can also be attached by removing the claw and doing it bun style. The colour I bought was number 4-Brownie Finale the name of it is the Rampage and I got it for one hell of a great price at just $27.10. Looking on line at a few different stores the place that is located here in Ottawa GorgousHairWigs is selling the same piece for $64.95, not including shipping or tax Voguewigs is selling it for $38.80 U.S. and Wowwigs is selling it for $38.95. U.S.

Image from Jon Renau


Now for my photos of it. But before I post mine I just want to say how happy I am with getting this hair piece. I think it’s super cute. Not a major commitment as say a full head of hair extensions. It’s cheaper than hair extensions and you can change it up when ever you feel like adding more hair. I was wanting something fun and can change as much as I want. And when I want my hair up but have more than my small ponytail I can clip this on and be out the door in no time.

I think my new addiction with be hair pieces. Now that my hair is long enough to take advantage of these why not and there cheap but look good which is what I’m after. There was another hair piece I almost got was a cute thing to put on the ponytail as well and that was only $10 so maybe next time I’m out I’ll get it. Now on to my photos of the piece.

image imageimage


My Plastic Surgons Appointment

So today I went to my Plastic surgeons office to get some much-needed updated photos for his website. I thought since losing all my weight it would be good to show what his breast job looks like after weight loss. And every time I go to his site to look at my before and after it does not look like a huge difference I mean there is of course but I was 198lbs when I had them done.

I also wanted to ask a few questions about them. Since losing all my weight and what not. I was also given a complementary skin care package free of charge. It’s called ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi. I was given Level 2: Anti-Aging Program as well the Acne Controal Soultion & Cleansing Pads. I thought wow that’s so sweet. I was also happy to see my amazing doctor. For anyone looking to get a BA in Ottawa Canada I recommend going to see my doctor Dr Silverman.

I also got to wear my super cute Old Navy Wrap dress.


I think I rocked it. I also wore it with pink strappy sandals.

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My Favourite Facial Puff


So the dollar store near my home sells facial puffs. Hey can be used to remove makeup or nail polish or as their package says nail oilings. The store I believe is family run but I’m not 100% sure. I do know that it’s the only one In the city from what their website says. Not the only dollar store I should point out just that there is only one called Dollar Pal moving on lol. I went there a few weeks back and needed some cotton pads to remove makeup and found these gems.

The package says in English Using the technology of spunlace from France and high quality natural cotton. Be treated with high temperature, high absorbency, and there’s no flying fibre of cotton on the surface of the products. Suitable for makeup and cleanser, removing nail oilings, etc.

Today when I was a the store picking up my gardening tools I bought two more packages because I’m running out and there the best I have ever used. There also extremely soft on the face and don’t fall apart like some do that you get from a dollar store.

There not big by any means but you can flip one side over after using it and it’s still strong enough to keep using the opposite side. Any who I thought I would share. You can check their site by clicking here

image image

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New IPad Mini Case

I recently bought a new iPad mini case from Amazon and funny thing it did not ship from China nor did it take a month to arrive in fact I ordered it like a day ago and it came in today.

Besdata Ultra Thin Magnetic Smart Cover & Back Case For Apple iPad Mini + Screen Protector + Cleaning Cloth + Stylus – Pink – for only $11.99 yup that’s right 4 things for that price.

It was in my saved list of things to buy at some point. And my other case well it’s falling apart but again it was cheap and you get what you pay for some times. The keyboard still works great but I hardly use it now. Moving on to the photos.

What it looks like on Amazon


And now for what it looks like in person



The colour pink is true to the ad. There is a cleaning cloth that comes with the case. The only down part is that one of the corners is not covering other than that it fits fine. But what do you expect for $11.99.

The back of the case is nice because you can see the Apple logo and its soft in the hands. Also the hole for the camera is good because it’s not off at all and does not block it.


The front cover puts the iPad to sleep perfectly and is very soft which is good.


I have the protective clear screen cover already on the iPad which I wish I had got when I got the iPad mini but that is one of the reasons why I got this 4 in one combo. Also the case does fold to use as a stand which is also nice. And is easy to do.




You can click Here for my review on Amazon if you like. So if you want to save a couple of bucks or a lot then I say go for this case. It works for now for what I need it to do. And if at a later day I want to spend some cash then I’ll invest in the one from Apple.

Happy Amazon Shopping

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Seeds all planted

So this morning I went to the dollar store near my home and bought some gardening tools. I also bought a cute pink hat it was cheap and it fit my head and I always have a hard time finding hats to fit my head so when I do I snatch it up. Though I did not wear it while I was gardening cause it’s windy and it would fly off my head most likely.



I also thought maybe I could plant my seeds today the sun is not out and though it’s super humid out I thought let’s get it done. So I bought all the right tools I needed and of course there also cute because the handles are purple and one tool is pink with a flower pattern on the fork. Again they were pretty cheap and I also bought a metal gardening basket to put the tools into. I could also plant something in it at some point if I wanted to but for now it’s for the tools to go into.


How cute are my gardening tools hehe. I got the gardening key from the guy who’s holding onto the spare one and got what I needed from the shed and while I gardened I was listening to my I phone I had Britney Spears playing on a playlist hehe thanks Brit haha.

Took me about an hour or so to plant all my seeds. But it’s all done now and the fun part will be checking on them. Who knew gardening would be fun oh and relaxing too.

Happy Gardening

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Hello Pony


As in ponytail hehe. How cool is that eh I can now put my hair into a ponytail. I love that I can do that now. I was thinking instead of extensions that I could take full advantage of hair additions such as either clip on or wrap ponytail hair pieces. It’s funny but when my hair was long back in 2005 and 2006 I never took advantage of wearing hair pieces I just went with what I knew which was wigs or wearing my own hair. And at that time my hair was more straight. But being in my 30s my hair has way more wave and curl then it’s ever had before.

I’m also thinking maybe I should start using products for curly hair since that seems to be what I have now. I’d like to tame the frizz and define the curls more. I know my friend Marey did a review on some curl products I’m gonna have to go and read up on them. And maybe see where I can buy me to try them out on my hair.

I’m still using my Mane & Tail stuff but I’m wondering if maybe using my defuser on my hair dryer will work more if I use a curl product or what. Id like to stay away from my blow dryer for the summer and just air dry my hair. When I air dry it that’s when the curl really comes out to play that and when it’s humid out and the moist air says hey lets play. Which always seems to be the case when I walk Diva in the morning after I spent 15 to 20 minutes blow drying my hair.

I took a short video the other night of my hair and stuck it on Facebook not sure you can see this curl from a snap shot I took from the video



But it amazes me that I’ve got curly wavy hair. What once was stick straight is now not. Now by no means am I complaining because I love curly hair I think when it gets longer it’s going to be amazing and I think I will have more options because if I want stick straight I can just flat-iron it. But if I want glam crazy curls I can have that as well so I can change-up my look when ever I want too. But and till it gets longer I want to learn how to get a more define curl.

If anyone knows of any products that have worked for you please do share. In the mean time I’m headed over to Mareys blog to read up on the product she used.

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Kraft Dinner Delight


You will need:

  • Two boxes of Kraft Dinner
  • A Caserole Dish
  • Non stick cooking spray
  • Hot Sauce
  • Mrs Dash of your choice
  • Unsalted Chicken Broth
  • One Can of Tuna
  • One cup Green Peas
  • Margarine
  • Cream cheese
  • Bread crumbs
  • Graded cheese of your choice

Bring a medium pot to a boil I eye balled the water. Maybe 4 cups worth whatever the box says lol. I know not very helpful but it’s easy to boil water trust me. But double it because you’re doing two boxes. I’m just a pro haha. Next grate your fave cheese in a bowl. Open your can of tuna and drain the water out also put that into its own small bowl if you want though you don’t have too. In a steamer put some water in it and then put your green peas to steam and till cooked through. I have a small microwave steamer that I used.

Once the pasta has cooked drain it in a drainer and put aside. Take some chicken broth about half a cup full and your margarine about a small spoonful or so tho you may add more it’s really up to you and mix together over low heat. Add in about a small spoon full of cream cheese and mix and till blended. Once blended add in your pasta. Stir everything well so that all the pasta is coded with the cheese sauce then add in your tuna and green peas followed by your hot sauce and Mrs dash.

Taking your casserole dish after you have sprayed it with your non stick spray, evenly spread out your Kraft Dinner Delight sprinkle your bread crumbs over top along with your favorite graded cheese and bake at 350 for 20 minutes and till the top has a nice golden colour.

Its easy to do pretty healthy and it tastes great. Who says Kraft Dinner is bad for you never tried my  recipe hehe, also if you don’t want to use the powder package that comes with the box you can just  substitute with using all graded cheese for the sauce as well for after you have put the bread crumbs on then more graded cheese on top of that. It’s really whatever you prefer.


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So yesterday I thought maybe I could get a Sew in weave but today I’m thinking maybe get some braids and or cornrows. I was doing some reading which is good and bad good because I like to read up on things and bad because I change my mind quicker then you can blink.

I’m thinking of getting cornrows because A. Less up keep sorta and B. Same hair style and give my hair a break from blow drying tho I do tend to not blow dry it when it’s humid and warm out because what’s the point. But it would allow me to rock a wig easier.

I did read up on how to take care of cornrows and how to wash your head. I also read up on people with courser and or curly hair took braids better than people with straighter sleeker hair. There is a beauty supple and beauty shop near my home and they had photos on their site of the different cornrows and braids I’m pretty sure they know their craft for sure. Because their work is beautiful. I just want a change is really what it comes down to. I’m basically bored of my hair and want a change.

I do know that if I decide to get cornrows I should go somewhere where they know what their doing. I’m just waiting on a call back from this place to find out how much it will cost to get cornrows done. (Edit the salon near my home they charge about $80 and up depending on style of braids). They have a few different styles such as Twist, Rasta Twist, Single braids, half way, Cornrows and twist cornrows.

Thankgod for Google because you can find out what the different kinds are. I think I’d want the twist cornrows they look pretty but to be honest with you id be happy with any of them because there all beautiful. Anything that is different I’m down for. I just want something different and because I like to rock a wig every now and then I could have any style of braids and then throw a wig on if I want a glam look you know?.

Please share your thoughts would you get them? And if you have had them what do you love most about them?

I’ll keep you posted.

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