I’m Back

I decided to start vlogging again as you can already tell from the last few posts I’ve posted. Believe it or not I used to vlog before it was the in thing to do and way before people made money at it or became YouTube celebrities. I did everything from wig reviews to just talking from the heart. There was no such thing as video editing, companies did not send you products like they do now and it was like I said about sharing your experiences and telling your story.

Well I’ve decided to re join the world of YouTube but I won’t be doing much editing and I won’t be following a script why because why should I have to fit into that world??? It takes the fun out of it I think. Everyone is so caught up about being the best or the most perfect or whatever and I’m just wanting to share some of me with out all the fancy equipment. Or the pounds of makeup. My lighting will be what shines into my apartment. My camera won’t be fancy it will be done on my iPad and y’all will just have to suck it up because perfection is over rated lmao.

I will vlog about whatever I so choose too. And a lot of the categories I have here on the blog I will most likely be doing vlog videos of such as baking or cooking or diva or whatever else I want to vlog about. I’m going to go old school and if nobody subs that’s fine and if people do then that is also fine. I should say that I already have 25subs but those are long time friends some of them and I’m friends with them on Facebook as well lol.

Any Who this next chapter shall be a ride I’m sure. Just don’t expect perfection because like perfection it just does not exist lol.

Over & Out


7 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Please be sure to post them here too – YouTube has gotten so confusing for to try and comment there. Apparently I have like four different Google+ identities or something I cannot ever figure out how to log in to even one of them! LOL. i am considering uploading review videos to my public blog again too. I have so many it’s a shame to hide them away plus a Vimeo account I’ve paid for so I probably should use it! LOL.

    1. I’m posting all my videos on the blog here as well so all my views can check them out. I’m going to be blogging g as well vlogging not to worry there lol. And the wigs I’m reviewing won’t be all the time just what I’ve gotten from you haha lol.

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