Feeling Accomplished ☺️

With my hair growth that is. Since moving out of my parents place I have not once used my turban to cover my hair to keep my hands out of it. Also I only rocked a wig once and it was to cover my hair from not washing it the one day. It’s pretty amazing really and its growing pretty quickly in fact I’m going to get my bangs trimmed on Thursday.

I think I will always love alternative hair such as wigs but it’s nice that I don’t have to rely on them anymore. And can rock a wig when I want to it’s not like a must as it once was. I also need to start using my clip in hair extensions more but to be honest with you when it’s warm out or hot forget that none sense my hair will be up in a ponytail lol. And I will be proud to wear it in one since I can lol but to think that last May my hair was a pixie is pretty funny and that I still rocked a wig most of the time.

My hair has not been as long as this since I grew it out the last time back in 2005. I want to get it as long as this photo I’m posting when I had a reversed French braid put in before it was popular now.



I know I’ll be able to grow it even longer. Crossing my fingers of course. But I’m sure I will do it because I have done a lot and I’m super proud of my self for getting as far as I have with growing it out.


Over & Out


3 thoughts on “Feeling Accomplished ☺️

  1. You’ve already transformed your life by quitting smoking and working out, which are some of the hardest things to do so undoubtedly you will continue to grow out your hair! You’re awesome, keep it up!

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