Fun Filled Weekend & Some Shopping

So this past weekend was fun filled, Saturday morning I went to the super market to buy a few things I forgot a quarter for the shopping cart so I had to use a hand held basket which was fine I also brought my own bags and did not bother with the shopping trolley that I have. I wish I had brought it with me but oh well lol.

Then when I got home I put my things away and went out for lunch with my friend Julia, she came over for coffee and then we went for lunch at Kelsey’s we both had the Chicken and Goat Cheese Wrap. Omg it was so tasty I had to take a photo of it.


Okay now for the wrap and for a few cents more I had onion rings which I never eat but you got to live a little and I also had a glass of wine with lunch because well why not lol.


Like how tasty does that look seriously, it was amazing will have to eat it again next time I go there. We also went to  Michaels Arts and Crafts Superstore so I could pick up some Quick Water, if you ever look at silk flower arrangements and notice what looks like water but it’s faux well it’s most likely what’s called Quick Water. I want to do a faux flower arrangement also I notched Michaels faux pink roses kind of sucked but when I was at the dollar store near my house they had really pretty ones. So my plan is to do a flower arrangement using pink roses.

Also while my friend and I were out we went to another super market so I could pick up a few more things that I forgot to get in the morning and I picked up my first house plant. It’s a pink rose bush and they smell great too.image

Then my friend ended up going home she was not feeling well but then my ex came by and we hung out, he ended up staying for dinner and he got to try my best baked meat balls out. I also made a spinach salad with our meal and it was all very tasty. Then he ended up leaving after a little bit and diva and I went to bed at a decent time.

Also I will have some new posts coming up relating to bathing suits I bought from La Vie En Rose and a few items I’m having delivered from Old Navy. The bathing suits are being delivered to my parents place and my Old Navy order I shipped to my address but I’m assuming I’ll get a notice to pick it up at the post office since I’m in an apartment. The bathing suits is a skirted bikini bottom and two different tankini tops. All the details and info about them will be in that post so keep an eye out for that.

As well with my Old Navy Haul, I bought four bottoms that I really needed to get also got some discounts on the Old Navy items and one of the tankini tops from La Vie En Rose. I’ll have photos as well of all of those items once I get everything in ill do one combined post of the two. I also might do a video as well so keep an eye out for all of that in the next few weeks.

Sunday I went to my rents house and did some laundry and had dinner and got caught up on some shows that I don’t get now. It was a great visit I also walked my parents dogs as well mine all together at the same time on a 3way coupler. It was a good walk and a great day.


Hope everyone had an amazing weekend

Over & Out






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