Oven Fun

I’m not talking about cooking in it or even baking for that matter. I’m talking about cleaning it. So I pretty much cleaned what I could. I don’t think it’s ever been cleaned before to be honest with you. Also I had to replace the oven light but before doing any of that I read the manual. I went to my electrical box and switched off the stove switch.

I then open the oven door and removed the protective case that was over top of the light bulb which was then hanging by a wire. Turns out the bulb was hanging by a tiny wire. I had to then pull on it which it then came lose. I went and got my pliers to then unscrew the rest of the bulb. I cleaned the particles from the socket area and then replaced it with a brand new light bulb. And re covered the new light with the over.

Also then finished washing what I could from the oven and then went to the electrical box turned the switch back to on and tried out the oven light for which it worked and now I have a working oven light yay. Lord I’m so handy who would have thought lol. It was my mission today to clean it and change the light bulb.

No one else is going to do it but me right. “I’m A Big Kid Now or in my case Adult” lmao.

Over & Out


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