What’s In Yo Fridge 🍏

I thought I would do a post about this because let’s face it when ever we go to a friend’s house we are always curious about what they have and when your friends are single it’s always more interesting I think. I know more often than not when I go to a friend’s place typically their fridge is next to empty I think this is because they eat out more often than cook for them selves.

So I thought let’s write about what’s in yo fridge. Sorta like what’s in my purse lol. The first photo is of the front of my fridge. The freezer door has on the front my bright pink super market pad list All Out Of its neat because it has different categories with empty boxes next to items that you just check mark off when you need to replace it. Makes going to the super market more fun I think. Also the bright yellow paper just has details about the balcony repairs they plan on doing over the summer.

The two matching magnets in the middle just has emergency numbers and important numbers in case well you need help lol. The two matching business cards are for a taxi company that I guess got into the building and stuck their cards in everyone’s doors. And on the bottom door just some fast food menus, I got them in the mail and thought I’ll hold on them if and when I want to order in.


So going with the theme we will start with the freezer, I’m always curious what people have in theirs so let’s begin ☺️, top shelve far right at the back a bucket of frozen yogurt flavour crispy peanut butter crunch mm so tasty, in front of that we have my banana bread in the tin foil and below it in the container some of those best baked meat balls I made on the weekend. Next to that the two boxes are frozen pizzas veggie deluxe and pepperoni. Sitting above that is skinless boneless chicken wrapped in baggys inside a zip lock bag. Frozen microwave dinner lol.

Bottom of  freezer frozen veggies in a bag, ice trays with ice, butter, red small lid container is milk. I also have frozen peas and a few more microwave dinners. There the kind that steam. There really tasty for when I don’t feel like cooking. I don’t keep things on the door of the freezer.


Next we have the main part of the fridge. Bottom of the fridge in the two drawers we have on the left sweet potatoes and white, bag of carrots, some mushrooms, the drawer on the right I have some oranges, apples and a cucumber. Bottom shelf I have spinach, chicken broth which I put in mac and cheese in replacement of milk, a sliced onion in the small round red lid container for when I make the one pot pasta dish again, a large container of diced up sweet peppers for eating raw or for stir frys, also a container of strawberries. Middle shelf we have a variety pack of low cal fruit yogurt I eat one cup a day and mix it with my dried cereal for breakfast, margarine, cream cheese, eggs, small thing of milk, and the zip lock bag next to the yogurt has marble cheese or what’s left of it lol.

Top shelf we have my Brita water, ketchup, mustard, marmalade,  mayonnaise, dill pickles,


And now for the fridge door, Top shelf pita bread and two different kinds of lunch meat, bottom shelf, three bottles of water, the bright yellow against the door is lemon juice which you can’t see, pancake syrup,  Caesar dressing, big bottle of Italian white dry wine Fontana Di PaPa it’s so good lol but I don’t drink much.


And that completes the fridge tour lol. I think for a single person my fridge is pretty full. Next I’ll do a pantry tour if you all want to see what’s in there let me know in the comments box below. And I’ll write a post about that with photos of course. This was fun to write about. So yea there you have it. I think for the most part I have healthy foods with of course some cheat meals but for the most even the pizza though that’s not a super healthy food you can pair it with a salad and then it’s not so bad. Also the steam microwave dinners they are pasta with a form of protein such as chicken so it’s still healthy. And yes I love a microwave lmao.

So that is what’s in my fridge, now what’s in yours we all want to know haha😝.

Over & Out


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