Get Ready With Me, Talk Through Makeup


6 thoughts on “Get Ready With Me, Talk Through Makeup

  1. Your video is such a help especially for those who are just learning to to put on makeup, thank you soo much for creating this wonderful post!

  2. I need to get that Naked palette; everyone I know has it. But I don’t have time in the mornings before work to mess with makeup so I wouldn’t wear it all that much anyway, I guess. Nice video!

    1. Thanks, it’s such a pretty palette rose gold tones with a few deeper shades. No it’s amazing what people say about contouring and highlighting because so many people do it as there everyday makeup people forget that you don’t need all that for a natural look. Got some slack on an e-list I’m on for not having any and being told blush goes below the cheeks lmao like seriously it goes on the cheeks people that’s why they call it blush.

      1. Yeah no, blush does NOT go below the cheeks that makes your face look too long! Contouring would go below the cheek but I am with you, I do NOT think contouring should be used for daytime looks at all. I don’t do any of that unless it’s for photos; there’s no reason for anything more than a simple touch up for daytime. Who has time for all that!

      2. Some people but the funny this is all these makeup gurus on YouTube do all that makeup for the most part for videos but in there everyday lives in Cali weather or whatever there not loaded up with makeup sure some might be but not all of them. Who’s got time eh would all be caked faced lol

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