A Doctors Visit


I was going to write this yesterday but thought I had posted enough lol so I’m writing this today. My first appointment yesterday was to go and see my family doctor for a new prescription for estrogen which I got but also I wanted to see how much I weighed. Since its been a while since he last checked. Now before I give my weight number he did ask the normal questions of are you eating well and that sort of thing he also checked my BMI number as well my height. My BMI number is 19.5 which is in the normal range for my height at 6’2. I told him I’ve been a bit more active with walking Diva since moving and I’m still doing my 8 minute workout. I did ask if moving can cause weight loss such as stress which he did say could happen.

Now my weight is 151.6 which is fine. He did tell me he’s not worried about anything. He asked if I’m eating three meals a day I said yes and sometimes I snack in-between. All my blood work from before is normal so he’s not worried about anything there. If anything he’s happy with what I have done and that I’m taking care of my self and my health. Of course he said keep an eye on your weight but other than that he’s happy that I’m taking care of my body. I told him I’m not feeling sick and I have energy and I go to the bathroom fine which he was happy to hear.

Just wanted to update all of you just in case anyone was worried, now don’t worry I’m okay.



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