La Vie En Rose Swim

So I finally got in my bathing suits sorta lol I had ordered a skirted bikini bottom and two different tankini tops. The one I got on sale and after looking for it to link to it I noticed the sale section is gone so I’m sorry I can’t link to it. But the skirted bottom you can still buy as well polkadot top. To get those you can click here for the top or here for the bottom. Also here is a link to the one piece suit  I almost bought it but thought I would get more variety out of what I got so I can mix it up. The bottom is a small and the two tops are medium. Also below the photos I’ve included my video for all of you.

image image image image image image image



5 thoughts on “La Vie En Rose Swim

    1. Thanks, yeah I know it’s crazy how much my hair has grown it’s like a weed lol had my bangs trimmed yesterday so I could see, also it’s funny but when you get your bangs trimmed it makes the rest look longer haha

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