I’m over this bs

I’m over you

I’m wiping my hands of being friends with you

We have both moved on so why keep in touch

Thanks for the memories but I’m over that too

Stop telling me excuses

On why your M.I.A.

You said you wanted to be friends in the beginning

But this is just not working

I’m alright I don’t need you any more

We’re done

And it’s alright

I’m over you

Your behaviour is wack

And it’s spooky

Who the fuck are you

I don’t know this person

Your sentences don’t make much sense

Are you off your meds?

A new girl is in my place

Hopefully you will find your place

Don’t be so strange

Or odd

Fix your teeth

And floss

Don’t speak in tongues

Just speak clearly

The two of you

Look good together

I’m so fucking over you

I’m glad we’re done

I’ve learned a lot

I’m over you

Goodbye by Lana Poulson


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