PetSafe® Elite Little Dog Bark Control


So this week more so yesterday I had to go out and when I had returned home there was a note on my door that read ” Your dog barks everyday all day” which is utter BS because she only barks when I leave for any reason whether it’s to throw out the trash or get the mail or leave for a few hours. But this person who wrote the note never put their unit number or bothered to talk to me face to face.

Any who without having more problems I decided to pick this device up. Now some may disagree but let me just say this peanut butter filled in a toy no longer does the job. This little miracle really works. Here’s the details taken from Petsmart

Enjoy your dog’s company in peace and quiet. Petsafe – Elite Little Dog Bark Control is a small unit that uses vibration and sound to ensure only your dog’s barking is detected. As he barks, he receives a safe but annoying static correction. The bark collar begins with low corrections, but if excessive barking continues the correction intensity will increase. When used correctly the bark collar reduces (and in most cases eliminates) the number of nuisance barks.

Features: Easy to use – no manual settings
Includes: 1 Elite Little Dog Bark Collar, 1 PetSafe RFA-188 battery, Operating Manual
Intended For: Dogs
Pet Size: For dogs up to 55 pounds
Leash Type: Bark Control Collar
Dimensions: 20.3″L x 15.2″W x 11.8″H
Cautions: Do not leave this collar on your dog for more than 12 consecutive hours.

I do want to point out it’s on the pricy side U.S. It’s $89.99 and Canadian it’s $99.99 with tax it came to $112.99. It’s simple to use and the directions are easy to read and follow. Diva has gotten so smart that she has clued in when the house phone rings that means someone is coming up to the apartment. Which means lets bark. So I decided to test out the collar and I called my land line from my cell phone and what do you know she started to bark so I got all excited and was like who’s there. The collar has ten settings so the more she barks the more intense it becomes which makes her not want to bark.

This thing works like a charm. She’s not a fan of it. And so when I took the trash out she cried a little let out one bark instead of the 6 or 7 when I do take the trash out and then she stopped. One bark out of the normal amount is pretty amazing. Tomorrow I will try it again but leave and get the mail which is in the lobby.

I also wrote a note and taped it to my door saying “My dog now has a bark collar. Thankyou” hopefully they will read it and fuck off. One can only hope lol.

So yea I say give it a shot.

Will update later on.

Over & Out


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