New Re Review Of Revlon Colorstay Foundation


So I just picked up more of this foundation this morning. I needed another one but in a darker shade because my face has some Color in it from the sun. Not realizing it but I tried the tester for normal to dry skin in the Color 220 Natural beige which blended perfectly into my skin. The Color I’ve been wearing was 200 nude but for combination / oily skin. Now the tester I tried was for normal to dry skin. But what’s funny is that since using that acne cleanser I have more dry skin than oily now. And have noticed when using the other foundation I noticed it would crack. So my skin is just messed at this point haha.

Any who lol my favourite words I’m sure all of you have figured out because I always use them. I decided to take a chance and buy the normal to dry skin foundation. It blended right into my skin and if need be I can always combine the two when I go to apply it to make the best colour for me if I needed too. Moving on this stuff covers well and it’s been my favourite go to foundation it’s also pretty cheap if you get it on sale I went to a different store today than where I normally buy it and I got it for $15.99 though Walmart has it for $15.77 a few cents more is fine for me.

Now for the results because that’s what we’re after right ? Lol. I’m wearing it in both photos click to view larger.






Over & Out


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