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So lately I’ve been wanting more hair lol. I refuse to buy another wig, and clip in extensions are alright but I want something more with staying power. I’ve been doing some research on a sew in weave but what im finding there are two kinds the white woman weave which slays me because I thought all sew ins were weaves there was not a major difference on the person’s skin colour. When I went to beauty school in 98 hair extensions for white girls was whatever was available. At that time and it was back then that you either do a glue in or a sew in.

I’ve  actually had a glue in weave when I was in beauty school. The glue was dark in colour and I had tracks glued to my head. It was jet black hair went past my shoulder and I loved the look the only down side okay there is two down sides, you can wash your hair often other wise the tracks will slide which mine did. I would lose a track every time I washed my hair. And when removing the weave the glue would get so stuck to my hair it ripped some of it out.

Now hair extensions have come around they have so many types now. They have glue they have sew they have fusion and micro loops and tape. But a sew in is done when the bio hair is braided and the tracks are sewn on to the braids. There really is not much damage done to the bio hair it can also be cheaper. But depending on the type of hair you have, if your caucasian a sew in may not be right for you because of hair texture and what not. I have a lot of hair and its thick and as far as I know I would probably be able to pull off a sew in.

I’ve contacted a beauty salon near my home through email, that is also a beauty supply shop and have asked what their prices are for installation. I think I’d like to try out a sew in weave. I would love everyone to leave their comments below on your thoughts on sew in weave and if you have had one maybe you could leave the pros and cons below or helpful tips.

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4 thoughts on “Sew in weave

  1. I think about extensions off and on, but honestly here at least to get a good one it’s crazy expensive. Like $500 expensive, and I just can’t bring myself to do that! Also I am not sure I could stand having something sewed onto my head or glued or whatever, I think it would make me crazy. But I may do it someday just for volume and not length, who knows.

      1. I hear you, and you are at one of those lengths where growing it out gets really frustrating. I got bleach at one point and then you know last year I got that perm, lol. Anything to change it up! And now that I can wear it straight, I will say it is pretty flat and not all that luscious, but it is what it is. My hair will never look as good as wig hair! LOL

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