So yesterday I thought maybe I could get a Sew in weave but today I’m thinking maybe get some braids and or cornrows. I was doing some reading which is good and bad good because I like to read up on things and bad because I change my mind quicker then you can blink.

I’m thinking of getting cornrows because A. Less up keep sorta and B. Same hair style and give my hair a break from blow drying tho I do tend to not blow dry it when it’s humid and warm out because what’s the point. But it would allow me to rock a wig easier.

I did read up on how to take care of cornrows and how to wash your head. I also read up on people with courser and or curly hair took braids better than people with straighter sleeker hair. There is a beauty supple and beauty shop near my home and they had photos on their site of the different cornrows and braids I’m pretty sure they know their craft for sure. Because their work is beautiful. I just want a change is really what it comes down to. I’m basically bored of my hair and want a change.

I do know that if I decide to get cornrows I should go somewhere where they know what their doing. I’m just waiting on a call back from this place to find out how much it will cost to get cornrows done. (Edit the salon near my home they charge about $80 and up depending on style of braids). They have a few different styles such as Twist, Rasta Twist, Single braids, half way, Cornrows and twist cornrows.

Thankgod for Google because you can find out what the different kinds are. I think I’d want the twist cornrows they look pretty but to be honest with you id be happy with any of them because there all beautiful. Anything that is different I’m down for. I just want something different and because I like to rock a wig every now and then I could have any style of braids and then throw a wig on if I want a glam look you know?.

Please share your thoughts would you get them? And if you have had them what do you love most about them?

I’ll keep you posted.

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “Cornrows

  1. Honestly I wouldn’t get them; first of all I can’t stand having my hair pulled tight like that, and secondly, I don’t really care for the look unless the hair is really long. I do get the boredom when growing your hair out though; I stuck to wigs and things to keep myself from messing too much with my hair. also I would try out different hair colors to deal with the boredom.

    1. Yea hair colours I’m staying away from the less colour I do the less damage. My next root touch up will be August. Im thinking cornrows as a way to just not bother with my hair tho I know you need to bother with it lol.

      1. Adding color is OK – it’s using the bleach that is damaging. So getting reds or browns should be fine, just not highlights or blondes.

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