Hello Pony


As in ponytail hehe. How cool is that eh I can now put my hair into a ponytail. I love that I can do that now. I was thinking instead of extensions that I could take full advantage of hair additions such as either clip on or wrap ponytail hair pieces. It’s funny but when my hair was long back in 2005 and 2006 I never took advantage of wearing hair pieces I just went with what I knew which was wigs or wearing my own hair. And at that time my hair was more straight. But being in my 30s my hair has way more wave and curl then it’s ever had before.

I’m also thinking maybe I should start using products for curly hair since that seems to be what I have now. I’d like to tame the frizz and define the curls more. I know my friend Marey did a review on some curl products I’m gonna have to go and read up on them. And maybe see where I can buy me to try them out on my hair.

I’m still using my Mane & Tail stuff but I’m wondering if maybe using my defuser on my hair dryer will work more if I use a curl product or what. Id like to stay away from my blow dryer for the summer and just air dry my hair. When I air dry it that’s when the curl really comes out to play that and when it’s humid out and the moist air says hey lets play. Which always seems to be the case when I walk Diva in the morning after I spent 15 to 20 minutes blow drying my hair.

I took a short video the other night of my hair and stuck it on Facebook not sure you can see this curl from a snap shot I took from the video



But it amazes me that I’ve got curly wavy hair. What once was stick straight is now not. Now by no means am I complaining because I love curly hair I think when it gets longer it’s going to be amazing and I think I will have more options because if I want stick straight I can just flat-iron it. But if I want glam crazy curls I can have that as well so I can change-up my look when ever I want too. But and till it gets longer I want to learn how to get a more define curl.

If anyone knows of any products that have worked for you please do share. In the mean time I’m headed over to Mareys blog to read up on the product she used.

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