That’s Miss Gardener To You



So my building has a community garden in the back of the building and today I got to dig and remove weeds from my plot. I asked for a small plot but tho it’s small its long. Later this week I might go ahead and plant some seeds that I have. I’ve got carrots, zucchini, cucumber, spinach and wild flowers. It will be interesting growing them hopefully I won’t kill them and hopefully they will grow.

The meeting this morning was from 10am to 12noon. We had to stop though because it was pouring lol. But my area I did such a good job he other people were like where did you learn to do that and I said I’ve watched a ton of garden shows lol. Any who I’m becoming more evolved which is good and I’m getting more out of my box. Who knew haha.

So yea once I’ve planted and what not I’ll take some pics of my area and show you all.

Over & Out


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