New IPad Mini Case

I recently bought a new iPad mini case from Amazon and funny thing it did not ship from China nor did it take a month to arrive in fact I ordered it like a day ago and it came in today.

Besdata Ultra Thin Magnetic Smart Cover & Back Case For Apple iPad Mini + Screen Protector + Cleaning Cloth + Stylus – Pink – for only $11.99 yup that’s right 4 things for that price.

It was in my saved list of things to buy at some point. And my other case well it’s falling apart but again it was cheap and you get what you pay for some times. The keyboard still works great but I hardly use it now. Moving on to the photos.

What it looks like on Amazon


And now for what it looks like in person



The colour pink is true to the ad. There is a cleaning cloth that comes with the case. The only down part is that one of the corners is not covering other than that it fits fine. But what do you expect for $11.99.

The back of the case is nice because you can see the Apple logo and its soft in the hands. Also the hole for the camera is good because it’s not off at all and does not block it.


The front cover puts the iPad to sleep perfectly and is very soft which is good.


I have the protective clear screen cover already on the iPad which I wish I had got when I got the iPad mini but that is one of the reasons why I got this 4 in one combo. Also the case does fold to use as a stand which is also nice. And is easy to do.




You can click Here for my review on Amazon if you like. So if you want to save a couple of bucks or a lot then I say go for this case. It works for now for what I need it to do. And if at a later day I want to spend some cash then I’ll invest in the one from Apple.

Happy Amazon Shopping

Over & Out


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