Seeds all planted

So this morning I went to the dollar store near my home and bought some gardening tools. I also bought a cute pink hat it was cheap and it fit my head and I always have a hard time finding hats to fit my head so when I do I snatch it up. Though I did not wear it while I was gardening cause it’s windy and it would fly off my head most likely.



I also thought maybe I could plant my seeds today the sun is not out and though it’s super humid out I thought let’s get it done. So I bought all the right tools I needed and of course there also cute because the handles are purple and one tool is pink with a flower pattern on the fork. Again they were pretty cheap and I also bought a metal gardening basket to put the tools into. I could also plant something in it at some point if I wanted to but for now it’s for the tools to go into.


How cute are my gardening tools hehe. I got the gardening key from the guy who’s holding onto the spare one and got what I needed from the shed and while I gardened I was listening to my I phone I had Britney Spears playing on a playlist hehe thanks Brit haha.

Took me about an hour or so to plant all my seeds. But it’s all done now and the fun part will be checking on them. Who knew gardening would be fun oh and relaxing too.

Happy Gardening

Over & Out


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