My Plastic Surgons Appointment

So today I went to my Plastic surgeons office to get some much-needed updated photos for his website. I thought since losing all my weight it would be good to show what his breast job looks like after weight loss. And every time I go to his site to look at my before and after it does not look like a huge difference I mean there is of course but I was 198lbs when I had them done.

I also wanted to ask a few questions about them. Since losing all my weight and what not. I was also given a complementary skin care package free of charge. It’s called ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi. I was given Level 2: Anti-Aging Program as well the Acne Controal Soultion & Cleansing Pads. I thought wow that’s so sweet. I was also happy to see my amazing doctor. For anyone looking to get a BA in Ottawa Canada I recommend going to see my doctor Dr Silverman.

I also got to wear my super cute Old Navy Wrap dress.


I think I rocked it. I also wore it with pink strappy sandals.

Over & Out


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