Trade Secrets

So after my doctor’s appointment today I went to the mall more so to Sephora to see if eu had Deva Curl in stock. But to my surprise they don’t sell it in store which to be honest is kind of stupid the girl I asked was of a darker skin complexion and she’s “like yea I wish we did”. Before getting there though i had gone online to Trade Secrets to see what they had for curls and saw a product called Recoil Curl Activator it’s by AG Hair Cosmetics The line is Curl. It’s 178ml or 6oz it was $19.95

The back of the bottle reads: some curls need a little encouragement and nothing defines maintains and moisturizes curls like AG Recoil,  rich in our are exclusive curl creating complex (C3), Recoil separates and holds without stiffness or stickiness it even in high humidity.

Directions: Scrunch a small amount evenly through clean, damp hair, air dry or use a diffuser to blow-dry.


I’m hoping this stuff will help with what I want. The girl asked what I was using right now and I said Mane and Tail and though I love it it’s not doing anything for my curl and I’d like to bring the curl out more. So she recommended this product. All I have to do now is use it and then I’ll do a full review on it.

While I was there I noticed they also sell hair pieces. I also noticed they sell Easihair products which is a line from Jon Renau. And you all know from my past few posts that I’m bored with my bio hair and want to change it up some how. They sell a handful of different products and then my eyes went to the ponytail clip comb claw which can also be attached by removing the claw and doing it bun style. The colour I bought was number 4-Brownie Finale the name of it is the Rampage and I got it for one hell of a great price at just $27.10. Looking on line at a few different stores the place that is located here in Ottawa GorgousHairWigs is selling the same piece for $64.95, not including shipping or tax Voguewigs is selling it for $38.80 U.S. and Wowwigs is selling it for $38.95. U.S.

Image from Jon Renau


Now for my photos of it. But before I post mine I just want to say how happy I am with getting this hair piece. I think it’s super cute. Not a major commitment as say a full head of hair extensions. It’s cheaper than hair extensions and you can change it up when ever you feel like adding more hair. I was wanting something fun and can change as much as I want. And when I want my hair up but have more than my small ponytail I can clip this on and be out the door in no time.

I think my new addiction with be hair pieces. Now that my hair is long enough to take advantage of these why not and there cheap but look good which is what I’m after. There was another hair piece I almost got was a cute thing to put on the ponytail as well and that was only $10 so maybe next time I’m out I’ll get it. Now on to my photos of the piece.

image imageimage



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