What’s in yo pantry

Well after doing a crap load of shopping today I decided what better time than to take a photo of it filled my pantry that is hehe. I’ll start with the top and work my way to the bottom.


So the very top shelf on the left I have the box Divas static collar came in and instructions. On the right part a salad bowl and silver serving dish. Below those things I have my one and only cook book.  Daphne Oz Cook book. Called Selfish. It’s a good cook book also has some hosting tips and what not for dinner party’s and a mix of things. Next to that directions for a bunch of different things such as coffee maker and microwave. I also have a red dry dish mat. And extra place mats.



Nothing major now on to the best part my roomy pantry.


Top left drinking glasses and mugs, on the right China tea cups and saucers, tooth picks, and divas tooth brush and doggy tooth paste in my old bathroom drinking glass. I also have a head of garlic, Shelve on the right below the drinking glasses I have, bowls china plates and normal white plates, net to that a box of grain shop cereal it’s my fave and it’s a extra box I picked up last time I was at the super market. I also have herbal tea of different flavours such as lemon and blue berry, I also have to cans of diced tomatoes with herbs their my fave.

Also two cans of low sodium chicken soup, I have croutons more pasta, a small thing of peanut butter my own since the other one is now divas lol. For filling her Kong up when I leave. To go out. Granola bars, there great for your purse when you get hungry and your out, honey, Mrs Dash garlic and herb, an array of crackers, I also have salad dressing, vanilla for baking, a can of tuna, the yellow lid container has my fave cereal in it. The container is so old lol my mom gave it to ,e it works great it will hold 1 box of cereal and then some lol. The Shelf below that on the right had two different sized  casserole dishes, a mixing bowl and pasta drainers and what not, a chopper next to that, then a small bottle of oil and olive oil extra virgin of course lol, then I have two kinds of hot sauce, Pam cooking spray, baking soda, some tacos and two different kinds of  Pringles chips, behind that I have flower and rice.

Next level down I have plastic store food containers with lids in its own plastic  container, baking needs below that again in a container like measuring spoons and cups and all that fun stuff, I kept that yogurt container from the last one I had cause you can always use it for something lol. Next to that I have chip clips and what not again in a container and some plastic and tin foil wrap.

Below that on the bottom of my pantry I have extra napkins in blue, a popcorn bowl to do microwave popcorn or to also use as a big salad bowl, zip lock bags for food, and extra China in case I break a dish or need extras. And that concludes my what’s in yo pantry. Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I had fun sharing it.

Over & Out


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